Video and Images: Mnangagwa at Tsvangirai’s house.

” The mind games don’t seem to be ending anytime soon.I bet Tsvangirai is soon to benefit personally too from the Garwes while citizens continue to suffer. It’s all about personal gain otherwise why entertain the thugs who looted our nation and even schemed the death of his wife . As long as he stays in the Government mansion and not pay for electricity its ok with him .Soon ari kupihwa vharamuromo from the $15 billion. Zvakaoma. Tsve zvejustice .

Zimbabwe will never be healed if we don’t seek justice.Well you can continue to seek your pockets .Our time to seek justice will come . But arwara and achirambirapo saMugabe 6na9.Apa the supporters like zanupf supporters don’t even ask him to resign .We Africans are just something else.Mafungiro edu nemaitiro are so disgusting , courtesy of ignorance and selfishness I guess. Shame ” Said sisi Vee

✍?[05/01, 10:40 am] Dec 17: Tsvangirai akuda kuita sa mugabe manje why asingatambidze umwe tsvimbo

[05/01, 10:48 am] Sisi Vee: Bvunzai henyu hanzvadzi zvakaoma.Apa ari kurwara

[05/01, 10:50 am]
Dec 17: Thats our biggest problem in Zim we dont have a viable opposition party

[05/01, 10:51 am] Sisi Vee: Totally agree with you and the type of supporters too are not open minded. By now they should be asking Tsvangirai to resign but they are resigning ivo.

[05/01, 10:54 am] Dec 17: Tsvangirai should see it himself that he is no longer fit to rule the party worse a country in his current state but eish. And one other thing i have noticed is most opposition supporters are reluctant to register to vote.

[05/01, 10:57 am] Sisi Vee: Taurai henyu.He will never see it himself.Remember it’s Africa where 99% of them are just power hungry.I guess they have reaslised they will not win the rigged votes.They should demand that he resigns because iye is like Mugabe ..ndivo vakamuisapo.

[05/01, 11:00 am] Dec 17: True we need a strong opposition party so that they compete to build our country so that we vote for the best. We have suffered for too long.we are one of the lost generations

[05/01, 11:15 am] Sisi Vee: Exactly .hey so sad hanzvadzi

[05/01, 11:17 am] Sisi Vee: I also heard that Mary Chiwenga and Elizabeth Tsvangirai are friends

[05/01, 11:19 am] Dec 17: Hahahaha is that so.Truly speaking without a complete overhaul of the ruling party Zimbabwe will never change.They are one n the same

[05/01, 11:20 am] Sisi Vee: True. Kekekekeke yea so most likely Tsvangirai and Elizabeth will be benefiting from the loot if they are not yet benefiting.

[05/01, 11:23 am] Dec 17: They have long since benefited my sister those people have been looting long back we opened our eyes its jus that of late they have been doing it willy nilly with disregard to anyone since they own us kkkkk

[05/01, 11:25 am] Sisi Vee: Hey zvakaoma hanzvadzi .Really sad.

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