It is that time of the year again fellow musvozimbabwe readers, supporters , followers , well wishers and haters.The time when we celebrate our achievements while thanking the Almighty for the gift of life and all the experiences that came our way in 2017.

On behalf of musvozimbabwe news I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for sticking with us since 2015 .

When the project started about two years ago it was a few of us and I remember very well how haters such as Lance Guma of Nehanda radio, Simba Chikanza of Zimeye , Mduduzi Mathuthu former NewZimbabwe stood up to destroy this great vision and mission but we remained strong until the haters realised that they were fighting a lost battle. I can only imagine why they harbour such hate towards another publication pursuing its mission . Thank you very much for standing with us in such trying and terrible times.Terrible times when the haters would just wake up to write ‘ Musvozimbabwe suspended , Musvozimbabwe banned ‘ in a celebratory mood .Whoever they interviewed about such headlines only the devil knows and these are supposed to be editors of newspapers. These are all three men I have been talking to years ago innocently thinking they were good people. I was wrong . Thank you very much for standing with us as satan’s disciples were throwing their swords at us .It is by God’s grace that we survived this first war .Don’t rest as yet .I can still feel their presence from afar pointing their swords at me.

As we remained resilient ,our readers, supporters , sources and well wishers continued the hard work of feeding us with all sorts of information including many scoops . We would not be what we have become today if it was not for all your hard work and selfless support .Thank you very much for your kindness and help.

Musvozimbabwe news is just something else fellow supporters because of you . Daily I read the messages from supporters on whatsapp , facebook , email and ask God how in only two years we managed to become so popular and interesting to many beings including foreigners .Thank you very much fellow Zimbabweans.

To musvozimbabwe haters Lance Guma , Simbarashe Chikanza , Mduduzi Mathuthu and all the little ones I have no time to waste mentioning , I sincerely apologise to yourselves that it looks like we are getting into 2018…and unfortunately musvozimbabwe news is not showing any signs of slowing down as of now. Maybe in the near future God willingly .It shall be according to God’s will not your will. Mark my words.

To all our extra news subscribers, words fail me. When ever you hear me these days talking about us at musvozimbabwe donating to charity it is not our money but your money. All we put in is our hearts and energy .May God bless you all . We greatly appreciate your understanding that has brought us this far.Thank you very much ????.

To all our dedicated readers on our news sites online thank you very much for visiting our sites and for missing our unique news whenever we are offline.Your support is greatly appreciated.

To all musvorologists and their supporters , we are looking forward to a better society in 2018 whereby we put the moral development of Zimbabwe children ahead of our irresponsible behaviours. How would you have felt growing up to see your mother’s vagina or your father’s penis in the news.Would have been very traumatising for you. So whose children do you expect to see your vaginas and penises in the news? Such kind of sexual immorality does not only damage our reputation.It also damages the moral development of our children.If you think morality is not important in life and want to argue about it you can continue shooting your musvos but as long as they reach us the public we will do our part to help you advertise your commodity.We promise never to fail your dream.

To the baby admins in our whatsapp groups thank you so much for your help ??

For those whose stories are not yet published it is only pressure of work that is delaying the publication. The work will be done.

To all those who are still waiting to be added in a whatsapp group, thank you very much for your patience.You will be added.

Thank you so much fellow Zimbabweans for believing in us and for knowing that we are here for you to share your experiences such that whenever you have a personal pressing issue you know who to approach.

Fellow musvozimbabwe news supporters thank you so much for the unwavering support in 2017. May 2018 bring a lot of happiness to you all.We pray and hope you will continue supporting us as we have become a close family of hardworking news gatherers. We have obviously changed the media fraternity in Zimbabwe for the better courtesy of our uniqueness , hard work and competence in providing reliable news as it happens in most cases.

Best wishes to you all for 2018 and beyond.
With abundance love and respect.

Sisi Vee and the team thank you so much