Those who do musvo with sex dolls most likely do musvo with dead bodies @ sisi Vee

Thought I was the only one with that feeling .

[31/01, 11:45 am] Paid Jan18: Haaaa sis inini am not in support of those sex dolls.but to be honest women have to be considerate and stop being jealous of those because paane zvidhori vaakuti we use madildos only fo arosal yet vaiti we use them for kuguta bonde.tingati using it to climax its arosal here.avo vari kuti bp,sugar is it arosal here.because kuti munhu ashandise those sex objects panofanira kunge pachipinda munhu it simply means kuti mentally abvuma kuti s/he has a rightful replacement.saka nomatter how mad it is anoda kushandisa ngaashandise achiisa that doll paanoda pamufungo wake maybe thats what turns him/her on.but as for me the real concept is real madness

[31/01, 11:50 am] Sisi Vee: Yea hanzvadzi ngavashandise mapenzi agara ariko.ndotype dzemamusvorologist too. Vanhu ivava
ndovanorara futi nezvitunha mumortuary .

[31/01, 11:54 am] Paid Jan18: Kkkkkkk apa wazondipedza waamai.tru tho cz how can a normal person get turned nechidhori meaning kuti zvatotengera vana zvaona nhamo

[31/01, 11:57 am] Sisi Vee: Kekekekeke ehe imagine .Their thinking is warped

[31/01, 11:59 am] Paid Jan18: Haaaaaaaaa Mwari dai vachiuya
Nigerian singer, producer and songwriter, Samklef has said that sleeping with a sex doll is like sleeping with a dead person.

Recently, a trend broke out all over the world on the sale of sex robots fused with Human Artificial Intelligence which is sold for 800,000 Naira.

This development drew reactions from many celebrities and notable Nigerians who took to their social media to air their views on the topic.

Dailypost recalls that Wizkid and popular Nollywood actress, Biodun Okeowo have condemned the emergence of sex doll.

Reacting, Samklef wrote, “Anybody that can sleep with a sex doll can sleep with a dead person.”