Dr Blessing Kasiyamhuru who is leading a Zimbabwe opposition party , Zimbabwe Partnership for Prosperity is being accused of killing his wife Alexis two years ago. The ZIPP president who has started holding well attended political rallies in the country in preparation for 2018 elections is said to have ‘married’ his late wife’s older sister Thelma Takaedza. Thelma who is seen in the attached image kissing her late sister’s husband , Dr Kasiyamhuru is contesting for St Mary’s Chitungwiza seat. ‘…and here is a Dr also sexually transmitting politics to his partner like zanupf losers” Said sisi Vee. The mother of the sisters , Thelma and Alexis is so distraught and has resorted to using facebook to vent her anger. In her posts Carolyn is despising both Dr Blessing Kasiyamhuru and Thelma.A facebook page has since been opened by Alexis’ friends to denounce the ZIPP president and his wife. Dr Blessing Kasiyamhuru was once quoted saying he will fix Zimbabwe in two years. Sisi Vee is still to clarify the allegations with Dr Kasiyamhuru and Thelma .Below is a facebook post by Alexis’ friend explaining what happened “Lexi n i bcm friends tiri form 3 n thts wen she started telling me her issues.She was staying in Msasa Park wt mai Boba their aunty who would help her occasionally. Their mom would send money to Thelma but she would’nt share with Alexis thelma was about 4 years older and it was so bad to such and extent that Alexis would use machira as pads kana zvadzvanya.After O level akazotsvaga 1 room kuChitown coz she couldnt stand life with thelma and she would lock herself in e room for days asina food and she would switch off her phone.Thelma moved to SA and called Alexis to come ikoko,vasvika after a while she threw Alexis out claiming her boyfriend with whom they had moved in with didnt like Alexis.She was adopted by an old couple white couple in Pretoria.Thelma even cut communication with her lil sis kuda kufadza mbomboza,Alexis went back to college thats wen she met Blessing our knight in shining armour😍 little did she know it was a one way ticket to the grave. Blessing was a doctor by then yep ladie his shit was in order. I remeber vividly her voice(sahwiraaaaaaa ndawana a nice bhobhi)😂.I asked her is he good to you? and she replied sahwiraaaaaaaaaaaa hauzomboda.She came to visit from s.a and stayed for some days because she also wanted to visit her former school mates from QEshe also wanted to visit her former QE after all we where her family .We spoke through the night reminiscing but all the hustles she wemt throghin high school and how things had turned out well. she was telling me about how God had been faithful to her after suffering at e hands of her own blood sis. A year later she told me she was coming to Zim coz Blessing was going to pay for her bride price achifara haikona, Blessing anga amutengera 7 series BMW aiwa taifara veduwe achitoti ndini wo here ndirikuimona?we had nt seen each other since the death of 1 of our friends in march 2016. During the preparations for the lobola Thelma said to her wazvipira kuroorwa tmrw here?Siyana nazvo n she said i love him sis Thelma. And Lexi said(ndingasiye bhobhi yangu nhai). You might ask why did she invite her sister who once left her stranded in dangerous south Africa but you know when you love ur sister chero akakutadzira , alexis was kind like that she never used to keep beef.Sun morning she called me n said my friends from QE come ndichiroorwa. A couple months laterNov 2016 i gt a text…sahwiraaaa ndarwara ndiri muhospital hanzi celebrial Malaria.I was shocked.I would text her on a daily basis to check on her.In March i asked her ko sei isiri kupera ko zvawapera nhai and she laughed and said sahwira magaro apera pane zvikuitika.Kuchurch kunezvakataurwa let me slp coz m nt ok, had l mentioned she had taken in her sister Thelma wekumudzinga akati huya townhouse ihombe haungatambura mujoni ndiripo mukoma.2days later i texted her…sahiwraaaaa urisei nhasi..no response.I texted again in e morning…nhai Pedyi urise n i gt a text..sorry dear Lexi died last nyt. Thelma is the one who was with her and kept her in the house instead of taking her to thw hospital. Information from a close relative says she was being administerd slow poison, and when we demanded a postmortem tichiti makauraya, Thelma na Blessing vakatsika madziro vakaunza mutumbi kuzim. Alexis left behind her 1 year old baby boy, l cant even say and her husband coz boom one year down the line his newly married with a new baby with non other than Thelma takaedza the older sister to Alexis. Rip Alexis, gone but not forgotten” As ZIPP spokesperson Innocent Netanyau responds to allegations that ZIPP president killed his wife for the sister ” It will be very difficult for the president to convince everyone that they did not do it yet he is currently staying with the sister as husband and wife.That on its own raises eye brows as to how and why the two ended up in such a relationship.” Said sisi Vee. [16/03, 11:13 pm] Sisi Vee: A very good evening to you Mr Netanyau .It’s Violet Makunike I write stories. I understand you are ZIPP spokesperson. Today I received the story below.Am writing to seek Mr Kasiyamhuru and wife’s clarification.May you please ask them on my behalf or help me with their phone numbers if possible.Your response will be greatly appreciated. [17/03, 1:08 am] Innocent Netanyau ZIPP: Here was my response to that [17/03, 1:09 am] Innocent Netanyau ZIPP: *Important Notice to Partners on the current wave of attack on ZIPP First Family.* Zimbabwe Partnership for Prosperity has observed the current attacks, cyber bulling and character assassination that have been unleashed on the first family of ZIPP on social media by individuals whom we know, psuedo characters etc. We wish to inform and urge our partners to remain still and know that God is in control. Many untruths and propaganda have been written against Dr Blessing Kasiyamhuru and our mother Thelma Takaedza. We invite you to join us in prayers in strengthening our young God fearing first family in these trials and tribulations. It has never been an easy path to accept the call of God to free a nation from poverty and other ungodly things. It is important that we remain consistent with the Zipp vision and avoid retaliating or an eye for an eye. ZIPP family shall not be provoked to speak using hate speech and insults against our elders, relatives or any citizen of Zimbabwe that has different perceptions , opinions about us or is offending us. Infact we rather pray for them for they know not what they are doing. Luke 17:1 says ” _It is inevitable that there be no offenses in a man’s life”_ That is to say “Stumbling blocks are sure to come, but woe to the one through whom they come!” Many a times we know people share things from uninformed position and when anyone attacks the first family we know _he meaneth not so neither does his heart think so._ God has said, ” _The Lord shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace. Exodus 14:14″_ And as much as it lies within us let us strive to live in peace with all men. Partners should know that all that has been written on the internet are bad things, lies and destructive information meant to destabilise the partnership. We must therefore be alert and pray redeeming the time because the days are evil. We are not to despair or be deceived by the devil. Those of God’s faction are never defeated by evil. We have received a clear mandate from God and the spiritual nation of Zimbabwe to restore the fear of God in our leadership from the head of the family to the president of the nation; to bring Economic Freedom which will be peacefully realised. Zipp therefore, shall continue on this mission as a responsible and respectful generation. We will honour our fathers and mothers regardless of what they think about us. NB: It is also very important that we continue in the love , peace, harmony and respect we have for each other as a partnership , as any internal violence will attract unnecessary external attacks. Nevertheless, let us remember that the level of our persecution becomes the level of our anointing and vindication. MAY WE CONTINUE TO ZIPPFY AND REMAIN SOLUTIONS ORIENTED TILL A DISPENSATION OF PROSPERITY AND POSTERITY BECOMES A REALITY. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the fellowship the Spirit be with you all. Shalom National Spokesperson Innocent Netanyahu For/ZIPP [17/03, 10:14 am] Sisi Vee: A very good morning to you .Thank you very much for your response.Greatly appreciated —————– To join group or send news etc please Whatsapp : +447565 446999 Email : musvozimbabwe@gmail.com