“I bet for many whenever they pelamborate ndozvinondofungwa.They don’t think outside the box at all .Their minds are infested with between the legs and buttocks issues.

Overly sexualised behaviour is not only a concern for children .It is also a concern for adults who harbour such tendencies. Concerning sexualised behaviour is whereby the behaviour appears to be outside the norm.Izvo zvekundoti 90 % of the thoughts and behaviours are about vaginas , buttocks and penises.Why are we always thinking about vaginas and penises and not about the homeless children living in the streets too?

We have now reached that point where the sexualised behaviour is now harmful to our children too. Because of such concerning sexualised behaviours we are bringing up children with sexualised behaviours which is harmful to them and our whole society in the long run.

This sexualised behaviour has reached that point as well whereby some of you should be referred to psychiatrists because the behaviour has become an obsessive preoccupation which is leading you to engage in inappropriate sexual behaviours days on end.The obesseion is the problem ” Said sisi Vee