Are there any police officers out there who can track this idiot and arrest him Fellow Zimbabweans this is the cocaine dealer working with Dephine , Justice Chembwa on +263 77 287 6304 selling cocaine and very angry with me.We need to stop imbwa iyi from destroying lives. If you use his number to place an order for cocaine you are destroying your lives not mine [21/08, 7:41 pm] +263 77 287 6304 Cocaine Seller: Hello chief how are you [21/08, 9:37 pm] Sisi Vee: Great how are you [21/08, 9:45 pm ] +263 77 287 6304 Cocaine Seller: Good do you have a problem with Define [21/08, 10:51 pm] Sisi Vee: Who is define [21/08, 10:56 pm] +263 77 287 6304 Cocaine Seller: The lady who sales coccaine as per your say [22/08, 1:04 am] Sisi Vee: When did I say Define sells cocaine —- [22/08, 5:28 pm] +263 77 287 6304 Cocaine Seller: As cocaine drug queen Dephine Chivhunga wrecks havoc: Selling cocaine to Soul Jah luv and Tinoporna Katsande Good day musvozimbabwe “Cocaine dealers have taken over the streets of Harare and i believe they have become a threat to the national security of zimbabwe because they move around with high powered automatic weapons. If you go along seventh and livingstone at night you will notice a black toyota Rav4 there conducting drug transactions. They sell crack cocaine from their car. These drug runners work for a well known drug queen called Dephine Chivhunga also know by others as Edith Musonza, who resides at 12 Mordon Place along seventh street. this Dephine has even the audacity to claim that she owns the president and is therefore untouchable. The direct cell phone lines of this Dephine character is 0785986949 and 0772923260. Her accomplices include a Staysi Muchipisa, Precious, Sibo, Patience, Simba(also known as C-number), Madam Zaynar and a Tsitsi Zhakata. Prominent and well known celebrities who are her customers include Souljah luv and Tinopona Katsande…. Please lets protect our children and remove such scum from our streets. I also have more names of drug dealers if you want and i can gladly give you more information about them if you desire. I thank you” To join group or send news etc please Whatsapp : +447565 446999 Email : —– [22/08, 6:13 pm] +263 77 287 6304 Cocaine Seller: Are you not the one who wrote that story .You might be having differences with Aunt Dephine but i think in that nonsense piece of gabbage that you wrote there am sure you went overdrive for nothing .So do you think you are the only zimbwean who knows that Dephine sales drugs .Did you need to tell the people where she stays and her contact number .Dephine does not teach any person how to take drugs .People come on their own and being adults they know what is good and bad for them. In case you did not know ,the business that pays more in Harare is minding your own business.Concentrate on your life and wosiyana nevanhu varikutsvaga mari yavo .Chakakuyendesa kuUK inhamo dzako we did not force to go there [22/08, 6:14 pm] Sisi Vee: Iwe i have no time for your nonsense vakatofumurwa zvakatopfuura [22/08, 6:15 pm] Sisi Vee: Justice Chembwa urimbwa yemunhu haikona [22/08, 6:16 pm] +263 77 287 6304 Cocaine Seller: So you think vachamira because washaya zvekuita after wapedza kugeza chembere then you right shit.You are wasting your time she is not going to stop.Chakurwadza chii pakutengesa madrugs kwake [22/08, 6:17 pm] +263 77 287 6304 Cocaine Seller: Ehe ndini justice chembwa its not like i am hiding or am ghost ndini wacho justice Chembwa [22/08, 6:21 pm] +263 77 287 6304 Cocaine Seller: Unotongohukura uri ikoko kana wakapenga sitereki huya paZimbabwe tikuratidze kuti mainini.Wayne zvaarikunwa madrugs arikutwnfeserwa naDephine here [22/08, 6:22 pm] +263 77 287 6304 Cocaine Seller: Mari imari iwe dako iwe and hainyorwe zita kuti coccaine or what .I sale coccaine yes and what then .Whats your own in it [22/08, 6:24 pm] +263 77 287 6304 Cocaine Seller: Ngavauye paden pangu 2011 New prospect park ndiripo and these are my numbers 0772876304 0776129661 0718876304 Kana wasvotwa enda kwese kwaunoda unotaura but you cant stop me