May God bless all those who support musvozimbabwe news in various ways especially the sources and subscribers . I pray
your understanding and kindness will flow into 2019 . I know school fees for our children will be a BIG issue .Thank you so much .I greatly appreciate the subscriptions which immensely aid to the charity work throughout . I managed to save $1 500+ from subscriptions between 7Sept- 15 Dec 2018 for various causes.👏🏽

Yapera .The ecocash is now finished for charity fellow Zimbabweans unless it is a life or death situation so you can now stop the messages from coming in . I have done the best that I can to distribute it to various individuals and causes.I think I have done what Jesus would have done. Do have a peaceful 25 Dec 2018.Got to go into the kitchen now 💋

[23/12, 4:44 pm] Rice: Xmas box my Sister

[23/12, 4:47 pm] Sisi Vee: Kekekekeke imika imi ok will send you for rice

[23/12, 5:21 pm] Rice: Thank you my sister

[24/12, 6:05 am] Rice: Morning my Sister

[24/12, 2:09 pm] Rice: Sis vangu

[24/12, 4:52 pm] Rice: Still waiting yerice

[24/12, 5:15 pm] Sisi Vee: Hanzvadzi muri sei sorryyyyyy ndafunga kuti will be home by 2pm nhasi ndichitori munzira izvozvi so phone yangu yeecocash ndinongoita roaming newifi so iri kumba

[24/12, 5:36 pm] Rice: Okay sis I know you will

[24/12, 6:26 pm] Sisi Vee: Hanzvadzi whats your ecocash number

[25/12, 4:00 am] Rice: Morning Sis

[25/12, 4:00 am] Rice: Here is the ecocash number

[25/12, 8:56 am] Rice: Madii Sis

[25/12, 9:30 am] Sisi Vee: Done hanzvadzi ..$20 enjoy

[25/12, 9:30 am] Rice: Thank you Sis may God bless

[25/12, 9:34 am] Sisi Vee: You are welcome hanzvadzi

[25/12, 9:34 am] Rice: Good day
Musvo Zimbabwe would like to wish all of you cadres merry festive holydays , filled with love and above all respect for humane morals.
As you celebrate the end of a year that was a blessing from God, please reflect on yourselves and consider those around you for we dont live for ourselves alone but for other fellow humans.
Thank you for the support to all of you.
Be safe on the roads
Be safe as you celebrate and above all keep your sanity intact as you enjoy with friends and family .
Sisi Vee and Musvo Zim family loves and appreciates you all.