TO : OFFICER COMMANDING SUBURBAN DISTRICT FROM : OIC RHODESVILLE DATED: 11/05/19 SUBJECT : CRIMINAL MATTERS DETENTION OF A MEMBER OF THE ZIMBABWE REPUBLIC POLICE CIRCUMSTANCES On the 11th of May 2019 at around 1756 hours number 085 852Y Constable Moses Nigel Jalasi NR: 63-1449516-T-63 aged 27 residing at flat number 41 Northampton crescent Eastlea Harare who is stationed at ZRP Braeside contactable on o773 789 394 was detained at ZRP Rhodesville DB 371/19 and on Harare Central CR 1049/05/19. Same was detained by number 064591G D/C MARISA and 050793G D/C SACHINDA of CID Homicide for contravening section 47 of criminal law codification and reform Act Chapter 9.23 {MURDER} and for contravening section 65 of criminal law codification and reform Act Chapter 9.23 {RAPE}. Allegations are that on the 10th of May 2019 and at flat number 41 Northampton crescent Eastlea Harare the accused raped and murdered Olga Nyasha Unganai aged 20 years who is his step daughter and went away. The accused person did not return until todays date at around 1400 hours, when he was arrested at corner Angelbeck Road and Harare South Road Mbare Harare by number 044075G A/I CHIKADAYA and 042964Z S/MJR MOYO both of ZRP Matapi. He was seen walking bare foot with mud on his clothes. The accused is married to number 985242P Inspector Mhondiwa Regina NR : 63-998278-V-07 aged 41 years who is the Officer in charge ZRP Golf Club and the mother to the now deceased Olga Nyasha Unganai. ————– I Did Not Rape Her… We Were Fighting Over Food: ‘Killer’ Stepfather Tells Police The 27-years old Zimbabwe Republic Police officer who allegedly raped and gruesomely murdered his 19-years old stepdaughter last Friday stunned the court on Monday when his recorded statement says he did not rape or kill Olga Nyasha Unganai. Constable Nigel Jalasi in a statement to the police said he and his stepdaughter were fighting over food in the kitchen, and the fight ended in the bedroom. In his statement to the police, Jalasi said, “I did not rape her but we had an altercation in the kitchen over food and we tussled until we reached the main bedroom. “When we fell down that is when I took a scissors and stabbed her.” Jalasi is married to Olga’s mother, Inspector Regina Mhondiwa, 41, a senior officer at the Police Golf club. Jalasi was finally apprehended in Mbare after he had fled from the crime scene following a tip-off. However, Jalasi stunned the gallery when he claimed that he did not rape Olga at all but only stabbed her to death with a scissors 15 times after a fight over food degenerated into violence. As for the police statement that he did not rape her or murder her, the court said that it will not use that statement in question during the trial because Jalasi had disowned it. Jalasi was denied bail and advised to apply at the High Court instead. He was remanded to the 27th of May after Public Prosecutor Sebastian Mutizirwa strongly opposed bail. Jalasi who is a Constable in the Zimbabwe Republic Police is alleged to have committed the heinous crimes on Friday before fleeing to Mbare where he was later apprehended following a tip off. After his arrest, the police took Jalasi back to the Eastlea home where the funeral was being held so that he could give indications. ‘Giving indication’ s refers to the process in which a suspect walks the investigating officers through the crime scene indicating how and where he performed specific acts. During the process, Olga’s mother Regina, aged 41, is reported to have shouted, “Wakaurayireiko mwana wangu? Nyasha aitura neunhu here nhaii? Wakauraueireiko mwana angu. (Why did you kill my daughter? She is a sweet soul who never had issues with anyone. Why did you kill my daughter?” In happier times (from left): The late Olga, Jalasi (25), and his wife Inspector Regina Mhondiwa aged 41 During the indications, Jalasi told the investigating officers, that he had dragged Olga from the kitchen into the main bedroom where he had raped her once.