Man on black men always discussing non progressive nonsense such as women ‘milk’, cars etc kekekekekeke seka hako wasu. At least others see it too. That’s why Africa is a sewage. 90% of our time is wasted discussing stupid things especially Zimbabweans and then we blame whites for failing us. Whites never failed us. They actually helped our countries to progress and they still to . If we spend 90% of our time discussing progressive issues eg zanupf would have gone long back dai takazvibvisa kare zvimasatan izvi. Uchida kuona ubenzi hwacho too see their facebook posts unotoshaya kuti especially munhu wemurume logging in to post such nonsense how can someone stoop so low……and these are the posts that are so popular unoona munhu kutomera zenze discussing nonsense. Start discussing national progress , charity work , technology etc whenever you discuss issues and STOP discussing women breasts and buttocks. Nations do not progress because a woman has big buttocks or big breasts or because you have a nice car or because you drink too much beer and can afford expensive wine. Nations develop because you have BIG brains. It’s time to self reflect and change the way your brains think. Let’s stop each other if anyone starts discussing stupid things. Just say to them so zvinobatsira progress yenyika yako sei zveuri kutaura.Vane nzeve dzekuzwa wazwa. Thank you my brother for reminding your own. 👏🏽💋