As sisi Vee writes to musvorologist and womanising electrical engineer Garidzanai Zawaira

Garidzanai is said to be a Zimbabwean electrical engineer based in Botswana. He is notorious for drugging different women and sexually abusing them . One video in our possession reveals how Garidzanai preys on the women.

In the video Garidzanai is seen playing with the flat out woman’s widget and opens it while shooting a video. The pervert goes on to ‘eat’ the widget . What transpired next is left to imagination

“He is an electrical engineer and has worked in Botswana for some time. He went back to Zimbabwe last year and went back to Botswana a month or so ago.

While in Marlborough he formed a whatsapp group for socialising with other Zimbabweans. He was the group admin and seemed so well organised.

I’m shocked to hear all this nonsense about him. So is everyone who held him in high esteem.

The group is still active but from yesterday, Garidzanai has gone quiet. It seems he has also withdrawn his Facebook page.” Said a source


As Pervert engineer Garidzanayi Zawaira responds to sisi Vee.

Zawaira says woman dead following accident. Well the woman in the video is not looking really well especially her widget that the pervert was ‘eating’.Zviwindi zvacho kunga muroyi kunanzva chiro chakadaro.Even kitsi inosema. It’s Botswana too . I think she was given diabetes 7 by Garidzanai.Kunyadzisa kwazvo. An engineer behaving like an idiot. Our family dog behaves better ptuuu dhodho remurume.

[22/08, 12:19 am] Sisi Vee: Hello hanzvadzi. I hope I find you well . Sisi Vee here I write stories. I have written to double check if it is you with about 25 or so different women doing all sorts with them and in the video sexually abusing one woman.Is it true that you drug these women and then sexually abuse them. Are you an electrical engineer. Your response will be greatly appreciated

[22/08, 10:15 am] Garidzanai Zawaira Musvorologist: My dear with all due respect I do not abuse women

[22/08, 10:17 am] Sisi Vee: Please watch the video attached and see if the woman was not drugged and if she was willing

[22/08, 10:19 am] Sisi Vee: Did she consent to whatever you were doing to her?

[22/08, 10:32 am] Garidzanai Zawaira Musvorologist: Yes she did. And for your information she is late. She died in an accident

[22/08, 10:46 am] Sisi Vee: In the video she is not alert and does not even seem to know what is going on. Nematambudziko

[22/08, 10:48 am] Sisi Vee: Are you married by any chance or were you married by any chance when you engaged in all these sexcapades with different women ?

[22/08, 10:48 am] Sisi Vee: Are you an engineer in Botswana

[22/08, 10:51 am] Sisi Vee: Is this your current family in attached image

[22/08, 11:01 am] Garidzanai Zawaira Musvorologist: I was separated at the time for over 4 years and do not live with the family at the moment

[22/08, 11:01 am] Garidzanai Zawaira Musvorologist: That’s invasion of privacy why are you harassing my family

[22/08, 11:16 am] Sisi Vee: I am not harassing your family hanzvadzi i am seeking clarification to ensure I write accurate information.

[22/08, 11:19 am] Sisi Vee: I am not the one who advised you to sex several women and shoot videos. I am not the one who brought these to the public too so live with . You are the one who sexually harrasses women .So never blame me for any wrong doing. You are to blame for all this mess ok

[22/08, 12:26 pm] Garidzanai Zawaira Musvorologist: Did any woman come to you complaining??

[22/08, 12:52 pm] Sisi Vee: No one has but that doesn’t mean you were not sexually abusing women. The video is there as proof thats why even courts use video evidence. You are not even remorseful are you? You dont seem to see anything wrong with your womanising . Did you even use protection?