Proof that people should not look down on their languages. Only a handful of whites know a shona word.

Thank you so much Sheilla for reverting to your mother language. Respect to you
I bet the reason why this clip was shared is for Zimbabweans to laugh at you. I am personally very proud of you .

You are just like me , my spoken English and even my spoken Ndebele is really bad. As for Ndebele I struggle with my tongue the clicks but I really love this language .

My written English is good just because I was forced to write in English at school and also to study for my degrees in English.

As for my spoken English I would refuse to speak in English at the expense of my mother tongue. Up to now I dont understand why someone’s mother tongue should be more special than my mother tongue. Handina mutemo wakarara panze. I remember even kusecondary when the authorities would say any student who speaks in Shona and not English would be punished ndaivati punish me then for speaking my mother tongue.

In diaspora I worked mabasa professional jobs dii zvichizi speak English only kutoisa official condition misconduct if you speak own language not even zvebasa . Ndakavati imi hamutauri language yenyu ere pano. Even where I am now hazi dont speak own languages ndakati imi mukauya kuzimbabwe in our offices do you speak our language ?

Manje at one of these jobs there were 2 Zimbabweans vaiti ndikataura navo ngeShona woti todzingwa basa we not allowed to speak Shona ndaibva ndadaidzira chikweee mumaoffice ndichiti vanopenga ivo havatauri language yavo here pano. Izvozvi ndakamirira anongouya kwandiri kunditaurira direct kuti dont speak your language anondizwa kekekekekekekeke seka hako wasu.

So Sheilla vagona stereki my sister. Inini when speaking in public I will use my mother tongue like the French and the Japanese then source interpreters for other popular languages I am not fluent in if need be.

Only dumb people like Zimbabweans brag about speaking other languages fluently when they cant even speak their own languages. Wotozwa munhu kuvhaira kuti haagoni kutaura language yake kunyanya maShona are the most dumb in this area. Children in diaspora are being taught to shun eg Shona by their parents.Hazi if I speak nevana in Shona kumba they will be confused because at school they use English. How dumb is that ? …and these are parents who spoke in Shona home and learnt in English kuschool. Makamboona mungezi teaching their children to shun English? No wonder Zimbabwe is a sewage. Many citizens are dumb in various ways that deter national progress.

Proudly Shona speaking sisi Vee wasu muBocha