2 gay musvo videos and images :Said to be Publoz night spot Borrowdale. Haasi Robson Nyathi ere uyo

” Everything else about being gay I understand. What I dont understand is why anyone in their normal senses would choose to do musvo through the anus ( The anus is the opening at the far end of the digestive tract through which stool leaves the body) . I am convinced this is just bad sexual behaviour, a choice which has nothing to do with one being gay. Why not masturbate instead of engaging in such unsensible sexual behaviour. At least masturbation somehow makes sense. Izvi zvekupinza nekutsvina hazvimeki sense izvi. I think imental health issue kupinza nekutsvina. I understand being gay is natural for those not faking… but zvekupinza nekutsvina izvi is just bad sexual behaviour which can be avoided . Somehow someone started this bad sexual behaviour and now the impression world over is gays are human beings who engage in sexual intercourse through the anus yet this should not be the case. Some stupid person out there normalised this bad sexual behaviour such that being gay is now only associated with anal sex…which is wrong. One can still be gay and not decide to engage in anal sex. Mweya wetsvina ndiwo unozotuma munhu kuita anal sex but being gay hausi mweya wetsvina for those born gay…it’s natural. You can convince yourselves that anal sex is normal behaviour…haisi hazviiti izvi …common sense . ” Said sisi Vee