The musvorologist is said to be Hazel Gaza, Chikombe’s hule , a social work lecturer at Zimbabwe women university.

” University lecturers now shooting musvo Sorry maningi .That country is just now a sewage for sure. Just been there and unozwa tsitsi. I’m as usual convinced that zanupf has destroyed everything from the country to the people’s brains. Actually it is people’s brains that have been destroyed more and yet we need these brains to develop and progress as a nation. It’s just a hopeless situation but I remain hopeful that 50 years from now a miracle will happen and all brains will start working again. What we have to continue doing is to minimise the extent of the madness and stop the various nonsenses in whatever ways we can. Just this musvo issue tells us what Zimbabwe has become .Whoever gave this once great nation to black people should be regreting. All sectors there’s stupidity, nonsense incompetence , corruption, destruction , etc. Some people should have just remained in caves. They are a danger to themselves and still not yet competent enough to live in the outside world . Am sure Trump will agree with me ” Said sisi Vee.

[08/01, 2:04 am] Gr11 Newa0a23: Women’s university lecturer and university of Zim TA Hazel Gaza

[08/01, 2:05 am] Sisi Vee: Hi thank you so much. Mamugona haanyari mukadzi mukuru. Shame stereki. Do you have her app number by any chance? Is she still a lecturer there ?

[08/01, 2:10 am] Gr11 Newa0a23: Yes still there said to have been sleeping and cheating on boyfriend who had been introduced to parents with work mate at UZ

[08/01, 2:11 am] Sisi Vee: Ok . How old is she and what does she lecture, where does she live etc

[08/01, 2:12 am] Gr11 Newa0a23: Not sure of age but must stay Warren park

[08/01, 2:13 am] Gr11 Newa0a23: Late twenties

[08/01, 2:19 am] Gr11 Newa0a23: She lectures social work

[08/01, 2:21 am] Sisi Vee: Ok ndiye andaona painternet and BSc degree social work.

[08/01, 2:22 am] Gr11 Newa0a23: Everyone in her office and students at UZ know about the affair she had because they would be seen at her sisters residence to have sex when she was having classes

[08/01, 2:22 am] Gr11 Newa0a23: Ndiye
[08/01, 2:26 am] Sisi Vee: If you get her app number can you please send me

[08/01, 2:27 am] Gr11 Newa0a23: I don’t know but office romance the teacher yanga yakapenga vanonzi Chikombe

[08/01, 2:28 am] Sisi Vee: Ok

[08/01, 2:28 am] Gr11 Newa0a23: Sure will ask around

[08/01, 2:29 am] Sisi Vee: Ok 👏🏽👏🏽