Fellow Zimbabweans , Tanzanians and all citizens of the world may you please help us locate Zimbabwean Nelissa Chavava . She went missing in 2015 in Tanzania and since then efforts to locate her have been unfruitful .

A man called GILLES AMIN has her passport and it is unclear how he ended up with her passport .

” Name: Nellisa Chavava

D.O.B: 09/10/1975

Place of origin: Mazowe Harare

School attended:Oriel girls high

Left for zim to Tanzania (Daresalam)2015

Marital status: single

No children

No police report

Last phone number:+255683159604

Sisi Vee makadii . I can see you reach out to a lot of people , sorry my name is Lynda I have a sister of mine missing last heard from her 2018 June she was in Daresalam . When last born yemumba medu passed away we tried to get in touch with her and her former employee but he couldn’t give a straight forward answer plis sisi Vee I need your help if u could please kindly send a post about her pliz pliz pliz I beg of you I’m stuck I don’t know what to do ?

There is this man she used to date called Gilles Amin who I managed to track from Facebook .He has her passport upon asking him why he has her passport he claims he wanted to put for her a visa to Dubai but broke up with her .He says she was dealing with people who were not straight forward maybe she was incarcerated.
Upon asking more he doesn’t state so a few months back I posted on baba jukwa page and I got one lady who said she was in Daresalam for a day she went to police but couldn’t get any information about her so she just encouraged me to get in touch with Tanzania intelligence”

Kindly asking if anyone has any sort of information or other leads no matter how sketchy to please whatsapp or phone the sister Lynda Chavava on

+263 77 768 3377

Or whatsapp on


Or email : musvozimbabwenews@gmail.com

If you may also help to circulate the appeal. Your help will be greatly appreciated ????