How Zanupf James Makamba contributed to the death of his son coronavirus covid19 dead Zororo Makamba

The first known death due to coronavirus covid19 is Super spreader Zororo Makamba son to a well known Zanupf looter James Makamba

Please SELF ISOLATE fellow Zimbabweans. This dead zanulet was very dangerous and evil. Zororo should be charged with spreading coronavirus covid19 knowingly even in his grave . He obviously knew he was carrying the virus and he visited a lot of public places in Zimbabwe having touched down from New York USA. He even went booging in a night club enjoying the fruits of the looting. I guess he knew he had 48 hours to live and made sure he spreads the virus knowingly ?

James Makamba was involved in many dirty deals with zanupf looters leaving Zimbabwe with a dead economy and a ghost health system. The evil looter bought properties in South Africa and the UK and he also benefited financially from the looting and thieving.He brags that he is a tycoon…what an idiot.

The thieving zanupf family was busy writing a statement to their zanupf counterparts complaining about Zimbabwe’s health system. The family forgot that James Makamba is a zanu pf looter who was instrumental in destroying the country’s health system now huku yazvidyira mazai ayo. The heartless zanupf goons are only pained when their children die and not when our children die….how evil is that fellow Zimbabweans.

“This is the time for all Zimbabweans who are pained by the destruction of our health sytem courtesy of selfish and heartless James Makamba and his zanupf looters to ask this Makamba family to write statements to their zanupf counterparts for all the Zimbabweans who died , are dying , will die and currently in need of medical care. I have a long list of some of them who are desperately in need of statements. Can someone please send me James Makamba’s whatsapp number , email or any other contact .

I desperately need a statement for eg Simbarashe Dande. I will share the other cases that need statements. Your help will be greatly appreciated . Not all of us are fools zidzoro. So does this mean this James Makamba has coronavirus covid too . Please run away when you see him . All those who are at the funeral should be tested and rested. This family is a national health hazard fellow Zimbabweans” Said Sisi Vee