Sisi Vee discussion with Moreblessing Kachepa with circulating musvos and chats with her number : She said a man framed her in her release attached she shared on facebook

She posted on her wall denying in the facebook release attached saying a man lied about her and faked the communication etc

” I contacted her to help her deal with the man she claims lied about her and she never answered any of the questions I asked to enable me to assist her but she twisted the blame 🙄 Leaves a lot to be desired. Be the judge.

Once your musvos or chats said to be you are shared by whoever started sharing them. The next thing one should aim for is damage control not blame control. If you start blaming people for sharing what was shared by your whoever , people will start suspecting you know something.

[25/04, 11:14 am] Sisi Vee: A very good morning to you Moreblessing/s . I hope I find you well. It’s Sisi Vee I write stories. I came across some musvo images said to be you and your facebook release saying it’s not you . If you don’t mind I can help you further expose the man who did this you. If you feel I can be of help may you please

1. Send me the police reference number for the report you made, the name of the police station, the officers involved in the investigation ( names and contact numbers)

2. How did you get to know about this man lying about you? If you may send me his app number .

3. Where you exposed him for being a conartist regarding the car dealings and names and contacts of others he conned.

4. Did you communicate with him before on app about anything. If so may you please send me the screenshots of the communication so I analyse as well

5. Are the musvos you , as in is it you in the nude

[25/04, 11:16 am] Moreblessings Kachepa Musvo: Hello sis Vee… please give me an hour or so. I’l text once settled. I’m by the station

[25/04, 11:17 am] Sisi Vee: Ok perfect no problem at all. Whenever you are ready. Will await your update.

[25/04, 1:30 pm] Sisi Vee: A very good afternoon to you . I hope I find you well. Whilst I’m waiting for your update may you please find attached some conversations and more musvo images.

6. Is it you who was chatting with the man?

[25/04, 1:47 pm] Moreblessings Kachepa Musvo: He created every chat by himself. Please take a look

[25/04, 2:53 pm] Sisi Vee: Hi Moreblessing. Ok. Thank you. May you please respond in order of numbers and also put the numbers in your responses. That way it’s easier to follow

[25/04, 2:55 pm] Moreblessings Kachepa Musvo: You posted pictures in ur group already, was it not enough entertainment for you??? How does it feel having done that to a woman like urself??? You should be proud

[25/04, 2:57 pm] Sisi Vee: Are you willing to have me assist you Moreblessing yes or no

[25/04, 2:59 pm] Moreblessings Kachepa Musvo: Assist? Haven’t you done enough damage

[25/04, 2:59 pm] Sisi Vee: If they are not your musvo images then honestly you should be happy that I want to help you expose the man who did that to you

[25/04, 2:59 pm] Sisi Vee: Did I say it’s you in the images ?

[25/04, 2:59 pm] Moreblessings Kachepa Musvo: Expose? Whilst u’r rotating my number?

[25/04, 3:00 pm] Moreblessings Kachepa Musvo: My number is there, doesn’t that say something

[25/04, 3:01 pm] Sisi Vee: Did I even know your number ? Im not the one who was chatting with the man using your number

[25/04, 3:03 pm] Moreblessings Kachepa Musvo: You know my number is on those pictures, yet u went ahead and spread them. Is there help in this?

[25/04, 3:08 pm] Sisi Vee: This is why I’ve written you to clarify with you
This is where you lose the plot .All im doing is to assist you expose this man and you are diverting the issue to blame me.Ive nothing to lose Moreblessing . I just saw your release ndikazwa tsitsi and thought of helping you.So if you feel Im not of help because I also shared the screenshots which you are actually saw before I did then it’s
ok .Best wishes in dealing with the issue which is yours not mine. Thank you for responding.

[25/04, 3:12 pm] Moreblessings Kachepa Musvo: It’s not my issue, it’s God’s own. He will restore my image and use those He wishes to use in speaking His mind. Thank you Sis Vee

[25/04, 3:13 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok Moreblessing .You are most welcome .