Duped Zimbabweans in South Africa demanding their money from PHD Ministries Walter Magaya. They paid money towards a non existent housing scheme. Today they thronged the PHD Ministries in South Africa demanding their money back

Kubangotaura taitukirwa mai. The moment you start thinking that someone was sent by God to be a go between you and God is the moment your madness starts. You don’t need anyone between you and God , it’s your relationship with God that matters and not your relationship with your prophet. This is why Africa is infested with societal ills despite the existence of many churches. You have relationships with your pastors , prophets, reverends , bishops and not with God. If you have a relationship with God you will not be moved by material things so the gospel of prosperity will be nonsense to you. You will not brag about having a luxury car when some people have no legs. You will not brag about having a mansion when some people are homeless…but because you don’t have a relationship with God what I have said doesn’t make sense to you. If you are not moved by the suffering of others you don’t have a relationship with God… you just have a relatioship with your church.

Imagine they paid money to this fake prophet towards a non existent housing scheme 🙄.

My heart really bleeds for black people especially Zimbabweans. The stupidity is just too severe I wonder if we still deserve to be called human beings. What pains me most is these people dont even know that they are stupid 😭😭. Zvinosiririsa. I remember some years back when I used to despise these prophets zvichatyisa , the days when Emmanuel Makandiwa used to do zvemasim cards I think. I cant remember well the details of the conartistry ndichitukwa . The Magayas came , despised them ndichitukirwa mai.

Dzazovhurika maziso manje mbwanana dziya 🐕 Zvinosiririsa. This world is so evil. Tanga tazwa nekutsiura tichitukirwa ana mai but this is so sad. Stupidity is the most dangerous weapon on earth and this weapon is very common mumaZimbabweans. More common than common sense . Politically dumb, socially dumb, spiritually dumb ndozvatava 😭😭. ” Said Sisi Vee.