President Edgar Lungu of Zambia has sacked the Minister of Education in the country, David Mabumba, after his sεx video with a strange woman went viral on social media. The Minister’s dismissal was contained in a statement signed on Wednesday by the presidential spokesperson, Isaac Chipampe. The PF hornyrable Minister of Education Must Resign Disturbing videos have been received at our Head office here showing a Minister of General Education David Mabumba fondling himself while on live WhatsApp video with his girlfriend in Zambia. David Mabumba is currently in quarantine but can be seen tormenting his c!rcumcised front. Other than high levels of corruption and intolerance, the 2021 PF losing administration is full of p0rn0 producers.Minister of Chiefs Lawrence Sichalwe also pulled a hat trick recently but he has never been arrested by Police. Now Koswe wonders if fondling live on a WhatsApp call by a Minister of General Education to a girlfriend is part of the pupil’s syllabus. Source : Zambia News sites Musvorologist kachigwishu mudhara. So sad. Whatever youngsters will learn from such adults. Personality disorder chaiyo. Even a 12 year old knows this is so wrong moreso for a grandfather figure. VIDEO 1 VIDEO 2   VIDEO 3