Sisi discussion with married musvorologist Lucia Moyo aka Lucia Vaso

Akabatwa achitumira Inno Macheva her
musvo images. The musvo images in our whatsapp groups.

” Lucia Moyo akaberekwa kwaChivi kuNgundu akadzidza paNgundu high. Akadanana nemkomana uyu anonzi Inno Macheva vachiri kuschool. Her current husband married her in 2010 and they have three children together one girl and two boys.”

[17/09, 7:58 am] Sisi : A very good morning to you my sister. I hope I find you well. I’m Sisi Vee I write stories. I have written to check if it’s you in the attached images in case it’s someone lying about you . Your response will be greatly appreciated

[17/09, 8:16 am] Musvorologist Lucia Moyo: Hoo

[17/09, 8:17 am] Sisi : Is it you my sister

[17/09, 8:18 am] Musvorologist Lucia Moyo: No

[17/09, 8:19 am] Sisi : Ok . Did you send it to anyone or did someone send it to you

[17/09, 8:19 am] Musvorologist Lucia Moyo: Some one send to me

[17/09, 8:20 am] Sisi : Ok. Who sent it to you so I can challenge the person. May you please give me the person’s app number , name etc

[17/09, 8:21 am] Musvorologist Lucia Moyo: Wher do u get my #

[17/09, 8:23 am] Sisi : Someone who said it’s Tendai gave me and then blocked me before I asked who it is

[17/09, 8:24 am] Musvorologist Lucia Moyo: Who is tendai.

[17/09, 8:24 am] Sisi : Someone who said it’s Tendai gave me and then blocked me before I asked who it is

[17/09, 8:25 am] Sisi : However the issue is not about Tendai. It is about you and the image. Who sent it to you

[17/09, 8:26 am] Musvorologist Lucia Moyo: Image yacho inei newe

[17/09, 8:26 am] Musvorologist Lucia Moyo: Asi ndeyako kahi

[17/09, 8:27 am] Sisi: I need to write a story so I need to make sure hamusi kunyeperwa

[17/09, 8:27 am] Sisi : Rough haimubatsiri anything

[17/09, 8:30 am] Sisi: Remember ndimi muri kuzi iimage yenyu not inini so it only takes me 5 minutes kunyora nyaya ndichiti ndimi but I dont want to do that because I know some people lie. It wont be fair to just write without you clarifying. I understand you are married too so zvinogona kuvhiringa marriage too.

[17/09, 8:33 am] Musvorologist Lucia Moyo: Zvandataura newe zvakwana .iwe chiita basa rako ,whatever n my God is gud all the tym

[17/09, 8:36 am] Sisi : Ok my sister I hear you. Thank you so much for responding ????

[17/09, 8:37 am] Musvorologist Lucia Moyo: Chero ukat iimage yangu i don care chero ukat haisi yangu its noone of my bsnes

[17/09, 8:37 am] Sisi : Ok my sister. Thank you.