If you dont want your musvos to be for peoole please stop sending your musvos to anyone or allow anyone to film or take images of your musvos. Anyone means everyone including partners. Partners include husbands and wives.Use your extra time wisely.

[22/09, 2:13 pm] Sisi : A very good afternoon to you Oswell .Sisi here I write stories. Just wanted to clarify if it’s you in the attached images. Just to make sure in case someone is lying about you. Your response will be greatly appreciated

[22/09, 2:15 pm] Musvorologist Oswell: How did u get my contact🤦

[22/09, 2:15 pm] Musvorologist Oswell: Yes its me

[22/09, 3:00 pm] Sisi :Thank you so much for clarifying .I dont know who sent . Just saw the images circulating with your name

[22/09, 3:00 pm] Musvorologist Oswell: Owky

[22/09, 3:11 pm] Musvorologist Oswell: Sorry i was busy, can i get the name or contact of the person who sent u my number?

[22/09, 3:21 pm] Sisi : Thank you so much for clarifying .I dont know who sent . Just saw the images circulating with your name

[22/09, 3:22 pm] Sisi : If you are on whatsapp you should know how things are just shared and posted so you cant even tell who the source is

[22/09, 3:22 pm] Sisi : Those images are circulating on whatsapp

[22/09, 3:25 pm] Musvorologist Oswell: Im doomed🙆🏻‍♂️

[22/09, 4:52 pm] Sisi : If I may ask Oswell why did you degrade yourself to the extent of sending your musvo images. You need to respect your private self. That’s the only dignity we have

[22/09, 4:55 pm] Musvorologist Oswell: When u are in love, u do everything/ anything to make your partner happy, , u wont think of tomorrow, , i thought this pictures where long gone/deleted

[22/09, 5:19 pm] Sisi : Ok. No matter what never make anyone happy by sharing your musvos. Even apart from them being reshared always keep your private parts private away from public. Partners are public too. Learn from the mistake and move on. Best wishes

[22/09, 5:32 pm] Musvorologist Oswell: I have learned a lesson,

[22/09, 5:32 pm] Musvorologist Oswell: Thanx for the advise/sympathy

[22/09, 5:33 pm] Sisi : You are welcome