A cry for help as Mr Taurai Mugano or Enock Chiweshe bares it all all: His wife Lainah Mugano (pictured) was snatched by Bless the world church pastor ( Blessing Katsande)

There is a pastor of Bless the world church. His name is Blessing Katsande. He used to minister the word of God on radio and TV stations in United States of America around 2012. One of his followers there in USA is Ms. Chikerema whom he says helps him with some money quite often.

This pastor is now here in Zimbabwe and wants to open Bless the ministries church at Makoni in Chitungwiza in the near future. I used to look after this pastor at my house when he said he had nowhere to stay. I stayed with him for more than two month until recently when I discovered that he was having an affair with my wife.

When I discovered that, quickly my wife divorced me at the instruction of this pastor and the two moved out of my home. My wife was promised new car, new house and a lot of cash by this pastor. I almost killed myself because my children have become orphans since they are missing their mother.

Please sis Vee help me to publish to the whole world such a behavior by the man of God like him. I will send his photos including that of my wife. Her name is Lainah Mugano from Chihota Marondera. My name is Taurai Mugano or Enock Chiweshe. I use those two names. I am a teacher at Chizengeni Primary school here in Marondera from where my wife was snatched by pastor Blessing Katsande of Bless the world ministries. I come from Zimbabwe

My children are suffering. They are without a mother after Pastor Blessing Katsande of Bless the world ministries took my wife and ran away. The WhatsApp number of pastor Blessing Katsande of Bless the world ministries who took my wife and ran away is: +263783215335