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I didn’t know he is a Dr and Pastor too. I only knew he is a Zanupf idiot zvimapastor nezvimadr zvenyu izvi kekekekeke seka hako wasu .Zimbabwe is a lost cause chaiyo. If you behave normal and demand what is right ndiwe makutozi benzi.Yaora zvese nyika.Kuigadzirisa kwacho kugeza nzou chaiko.Hapana sector yaunopinda isikazi kuora. The whole nation needs to be turned upside down and start afresh.

In 2018
Said to be the smell house
Said to be the smell house
In 2021

Said to be H Metro story 👇🏼👇🏼

Dr Shingi Munyeza exposed : 2020

Outspoken Presidential Advisory Council member and Senior Pastor at Faith Ministries and Borrowdale Christian Church Dr. Shingi Munyeza has been exposed for his infedility. According to our sources, Dr. Munyeza who is married had a sexual affair with StarFm and Zimbabwe Council of Churches Radio Ambassador, Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa. Their affair was exposed in 2017 by Basil Mafara, former hubby to Ruvheneko who is a member of Dr. Munyeza’s church. Not only did Munyeza have an affair with Ruvheneko, he was also enjoying side stew with Farai Mangwende who was his Public Relations Manager at ZIMSUN.

Afta destroying Ruvheneko’s marriage with Basil, Dr. Munyeza reportedly pushed her to Ozias Bvute, a ZANU PF MP for Goromonzi who together with Munyeza are cited in divorce papers as the major culprits for the break up of Taurai’s marriage with Nester.

Away from Dr. Munyeza’s open zip policy, this publication gathered that same pastor in 2018 funded
Advocate Fadzayi Mahere the now MDC Alliance Spokesperson campaign. That Mahere is niw dating Bvute after he was done with Ruvheneko is Munyeza’s making. It smacks of morality that Munyeza advised Ruvheneko to abort Bvute’s pregnancy when their relationship fell apart. This depressed her by the man of God comforted her as his church allows arbotion even when it is a criminal offence. The same way that this church allows homosexuality to flourish under its roof. In 2018, Munyeza solemnized the homosexual union of a known homosexual Tsitsi of ZiFM and
Tsitsi Nomalanga Ncube, daughter to MDC Vice President, Welshman Ncube. These malpractices led Doug Mavura and one Makamura from Liquid company to leave Munyeza’s parish.

To make matters worse, Dr. Munyeza’s moral worthiness is cast into doubt by revelations that he marrried his young brother’s wife Gugulethu Munyeza to another church member Taurai Vaki. Backing his own brother to this extent puts into question the kind of person Munyeza is. According to a former BCC member, Dr. Munyeza was cunning and too deceptive to be trusted. “He only wants it his way” said the source.

A political scientist who fellowships at the church revealed that it was ego that was destroying Munyeza. To him, subject was abusing the pulpit to settle personal scores. He went to say that he was also considering to leave the church for it resembled more of an occult as Satanism was thriving instead of Christianity.