Said to be Tinashe who was sexing his friend’s wife. Doing musvo with friend’s wife. How evil is that and we never learn. But ndoshaya kuti zvimahule you are calling wives these days muri kumbozvionepi chaizvo kekekekeke seka hako wasu. It’s now like a pattern to call a hule a wife. Zvimwe zvacho I think it’s to do with dump yemurume too because in many cases you can tell kuti ndiamuhule aya. Secondly I think kunyepera kuziya kana tichitsiurwa kuti siyana nemunhu uyu. Kazhinji kacho our mothers give the right advice when it comes to marriage choices but we ignore and say it’s my choice. Heyo your choice deal with it . I mean our real mothers wekudhara not zvemazuvano izvi. Thank God if you have the type of mother I am talking about. You have a blessing in your life”