Audio and image : South Africa. Said to be abused Zimbabwean woman, said to have been knifed to death by abusive husband.

” So sad idi. ??Eish. I think this is not the first time . Im sure it has been ongoing for ages and she thought the man will change. Dont wait for it to get to the point of death fellow women. Avoid many of the social media groups especially facebook that make you feel like if you have no man doing musvo with you , you are not normal. If you really critically analyse , many of these relationships are just lust for musvo and not love relationships. Never die for a man. According to the audio , the man was bringing girlfriends home . Zvakaoma idi. Empower your brains fellow women not your buttocks and vaginas. If you empower your buttocks and vaginas your brain stops thinking thats why we end up saying ndogarira ana angu, ndofira ana angu. Unoafira zveshuwa ana acho so sad idi ??. I hear she has left behind a 3 year old baby ? akomana ere mwana. Shame. Please avoid nonsense groups that fool you into empowering your buttocks and vaginas and make you feel useless if you are not Mrs. Also move out the moment the abuse starts … can only get worse. The tetes are very dangerous as well , they advise you to carry on in an abusive relationship. When push comes to shove the person who will die is yourself not your tete. The child who will remain with no mother is yours and not tete’s child ???.” Said sisi Vee

Image : Blabbermouth saying it is the ex-husband skinned by the woman’s colleague