Said to be Tatenda Karigambe Tatelicious new vagina after his penis was removed. She is now medically a sexually reconstructed woman.

” Nonsense chaiyo. Zvakaoma idi. If only we could learn to live with who we are and love our natural selves. No one is perfect. Why go to the extreme of doing this as if we live forever. Some things are not worth it at all. Just live and let live no one gets out of life alive. Life is too short to be spent in unncessary misery. It will never be a real vagina , it’s fake. So sad idi some decisions we make in life. Emotional torture chaiyo. You now have the aspiring vagina so what 🙄🙌🏽. I know of people in Britain who are regreting and want their penises back. Moreso these plastic surgeries chew lots of tax payers money. The reality is one will never have genuine psychological rest knowing that the vagina was stitched on. It’s still emotional torture and moreso people will still torment you. Hapeno idi . Muchamuzwa palive akutuka the surgeons kuti ” *dzosai mboro yangu beche racho harisi kunaka* ” Mark my words . Ndinopika nababa angu Bonga idi muchamuzwa . Hatimudiba isu.Bring back her penis ”