” Kekekeke seka hako wasu. Thank you so much. Mamugona. Tisu anhu acho. Mukore uno anhu achikuita zvekutora akadzi eanhu zvakasobuda mufashion kare kare. Fambai nenguva kekekeke” Said sisi Vee


Chipinge Times is reliably informed that Julius Mucheri was trapped at the Kositina homestead in Mugiyo Village in Ward 8 Chipinge last night. His captors tied his hands and legs together after they overpowered him and Police had not yet collected their colleague since yesterday.

The Officer Commanding Chipinge/Chimanimani, chief Superintendent Godfrey Chinyanganya professed ignorance over the incident.

“I am not aware of the incident. We will investigate that,” he said.

However, Memory Mandaa the woman the cop proposed love to confirmed the incident to Chipinge Times.

She said that Mucheri is stationed at Mabheka Police Base and he was handling a land dispute case between the Madoza and Kositina family when he started proposing love to Mandaa who is married to one of the Kositina sons who works in South Africa.

On September 18, 2022 Mucheri allegedly arrested Mandaa and her mother-in-law for breaching a peace order between the warring families. The two allegedly spent the whole day detained at Junction Gate Police Base.

“I was shocked when Mucheri started calling me after our release. He called me and asked if we had travelled well and then immediately afterwards started proposing love to me. I explained my marital status to him but he would not stop.

“I called my husband in SA and he advised me to trap him. I then agreed to Mucheri’s advances and allowed him to come home for quality time,” said Mandaa.

Some of the messages read;

Last night Mucheri then came and entered Mandaa’s bedroom but all hell broke loose before he had even warmed up to sex.

“I secretly beeped my in-laws who were hiding outside and they rushed in and found Mucheri in the room. He tried fighting them as he wanted to run away but he was overpowered and his legs and hands tied. We called the Officer in Charge Chipinge and told him the story. Police still hasn’t arrived to pick him up since last evening,” she said.