A very good new year to you all musvozimbabwenews followers , readers , sources, subscribers and enemies.

It is that time of the year again when we bid farewell to a gone by year and open doors to a new year with words of hope as we prepare for an unknown future.

If you are blessed to read this 2023 New year message , whatever you do in 2023 never take the gift of life for granted.

Today is a blank page . Do not write for yourself a chapter for the public to read your private parts.

As we reflect on the yesteryear 2022 , it has been generally a wonderful and fruitful year courtesy of your unwavering support , hardwork, kindness , understanding , tolerance , resilience , sacrifice and perseverance. Thank you so much for standing with the mission and vision and for continuing to be the great pillars on which our mission and vision rest. Without you, musvozimbabwenews is a vacuum. So thank you so much for your presence.Your support is appreciated from the bottom of the heart.

History states in 2015 musvozimbabwenews was born and heading towards the 8th year 2023. We survived a well documented challenging and difficult history because of your unwavering commitment to the mission and vision. Thank you so much.

To our legacy enemies and haters may history teach you that our mission and vision for a sexually moral Zimbabwe does not benefit the children of others only but it also benefits your children and all Zimbabwe children. May the wisdom to know the difference be with you in 2023.

For those who crossed our path and made history, thank you for cementing the purpose of the mission and vision . May the Grace of the Almighty be with you all. May the Almighty bless you with the wisdom to understand that whatever is between our legs is private and not for public consumption. May the lessons learnt shape a sexually moral 2023 and may your voice and lips be instruments of change and assurance for your communities ,families and children .We keep hoping that lessons learnt in 2022 will not be learnt again in 2023. We all make mistakes.

May 2023 bring you all our supporters massive happiness, fulfilling lives and great achievements .

Whatever you do in 2023 always remember that doing musvo is not an achievement.It is just an ordinary act of sexual gratification for a vertical desire. Do not be overzealous , even lizards do musvo.

Praying and wishing you all many more years of true happiness and unwavering support. May the grace of sexual morality be with us all.

Thank you so much.

?️?️?️Happy 2023

@ Musvozimbabwenews