” Kekekekeke seka hako wasu. I pray they have learnt a good memorable lesson.

Fellow Zimbabweans and citizens of the world, emancipate yourselves from sexual slavery. Life is not only about doing musvo. STOP thinking about doing musvo 90% of your time. Reclaim your sanity , change your mindset and start thinking about what you can also achieve in other areas of your life and for our communities.

When you see a bush dont always imagine how you can utilise the forest for sexual gratification.Imagine how you can plant a tree and help the next generation live a better life…impact of climate change.

There are so many other interesting and challenging activities we can do in life.

Other creatures do musvo too so NEVER think by doing musvo you are doing something increadible ( extra ordinary) , you are just being like a dog or a housefly ” Said sisi Vee