” What a legacy chapter 4 . So sad , us women never learn. Severe lack of self discipline. Learn to hold yourself woman and stop exposing your stupidity in public. Change your mindset. It’s just a man.

This is why I can’t survive 7 minutes around women without getting annoyed.

It’s either they are talking about pulling clitoris, bragging about a new set of leather sofas or cash given by a man kurukiswa musoro , or asking contacts for n’anga yekudyisa murume , or bragging about how a fake prophet changed their life or gossiping …ini apa I will be busy wondering what else we can do to deal with the menace ravaging our communities and how else to generate money to be the change I want to see in our nation.

Life is too short fellow women.DON’T be too desperate for a man. Why stoop so low. No wonder women empowerment has failed and will not be achieved with this kind of dumb mindset.

Kurovera munhu murume ere mukore uno. Zviro zvakasoitwa kare kare mbiri yaRhodes ,fambai nenguva please. Why not kurova murume wacho too if you are tyson . Police will just charge you with assault. You can actually kill someone sekuseka.

All this time wasted bashing this woman could have been used to think of survival tactics .Kariba yakapwa haina mvura and you are busy fighting over a man. Tsvakai school fees yevana and stop engaging in disgusting behaviour low lifers. The man shooting the video should be arrested too. Ndotype inonyenga vakadzi vevanhu.

I wish one day I will ascend to higher heights in the land. Ndozvipedza zvese zvekupenga happening in Zimbabwe. The whole country needs almighty revamp politically , socially , spiritually, economically. ” Said sisi Vee.