Watch : Britain based ZANUPF supporter Gaynor Fundira cursing the hands feeding her

A Zimbabwean -Malawian Gaynor Chiluwa Fundira has posted videos on the internet where in one she declares her support for...

Watch : Filthy Zimbabwe police singing vulgar

Zimbabwe police singing vulgar in public .

Watch : What our children are doing at school

What our children are doing at school .Our nation has gone to the dogs.Our children are now morally bankrupt .If...

Watch : Filthy sex object dirty dancing

Sex object dirty dancing .Said to be from Zimbabwe .Click to watch    

Watch : Zimbabwe’s dangerous drivers

Taking the risk on a flooded bridge

Watch :Caught red handed in bush and forced to do musvo

The couple had gone to the bush to do musvo            

Watch : Zimbabwe man showing his musvo to women

Zimbabwe has gone to the dogs as sexual immorality takes centre stage .The society is now morally bankrupt such that...

Watch : UK Mnangagwa’s grandson Michael cursing mum is suicidal

A 12 year old Zimbabwean boy Michael is seen here cursing his mum and his aunt. WATCH THE VIDEO.   At 12 years...

Watch : Man dancing musvo at disgraced Zimbabwean UK party

This is what some disgraced morally bankrupt Zimbabweans do in the UK .Some of the women are said to be...

Images : Makosi Musambasi musvo images and the lies

Former Big Brother housemate Makosi Musambasi has been banned from the UK after she attempted to use a relative's passport...