Watch :Caught red handed in bush and forced to do musvo

The couple had gone to the bush to do musvo            

Watch : Zimbabwe man showing his musvo to women

Zimbabwe has gone to the dogs as sexual immorality takes centre stage .The society is now morally bankrupt such that...

Watch : UK Mnangagwa’s grandson Michael cursing mum is suicidal

A 12 year old Zimbabwean boy Michael is seen here cursing his mum and his aunt. WATCH THE VIDEO.   At 12 years...

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This is what some disgraced morally bankrupt Zimbabweans do in the UK .Some of the women are said to be...

Images : Makosi Musambasi musvo images and the lies

Former Big Brother housemate Makosi Musambasi has been banned from the UK after she attempted to use a relative's passport...

Harare in Kuwadzana street couple stuck after doing musvo

They are said to have got stuck after musvo.Circumstances surrounding the issue are still not very clear.

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A foul mouthed prostitute refuses to leave a man 's car claiming he touched her private parts . Some people said...

Watch : Wife mad at small house she saw driving family car

Wife mad at small house she saw driving family car    

Watch :Rutendo Loveness Saurombe bragging about her private parts

Zimbabwean Loveness Saurombe is seen here cursing and bragging about her facebook followers and her private parts .  

Ghanaian live in carer allegedly caught having sex with her sick client

Ghanaian girl caught allegedly having sex with her client while doing a live-in. The family became suspicious when their dad...