Images : Musvorologists display

Musvorologists parade

Video : Stick musvorologist

uuummm VIDEO

Images : Musvorologists

We just had the contest round 1

As Enias Major Chavingira proposes to married ‘woman’

😨 Musvo images and screen shot chats as Enias Major Chavingira sends musvo , proposes love to married woman knowingly...

Video : Zimbabwe musvorologist

I am enjoying myself in lockdown please share mwaa. VIDEO  

Video : The amahule on roadside

VIDEO Road hules

Video : Musvorologist at it

uuummm VIDEO  

Video : Mbuya musvorologist at it

Mbuya musvorologist. Zvakaoma idi .So sad for children needing moral guidance from adults.Some people should not have access to mobile...

Video : Doing musvo in lockdown

Musvo in lockdown shame. VIDEO