Video : Isaac Mugwagwa aka Boss Rhodes musvo

Isaac Mugwagwa aka Boss Rhodes and mystery woman.   VIDEO

Video : Musvorologist mbuya Dhori

Musvorologist mbuya Dhori.   VIDEO  

Video : Man caught with human bones

Zimbabwe man caught with corpse . Claims he was given an official letter to traffic the bones. VIDEO

Man masquerading as female prostitute

Man masquerading as female prostitute.

Video : Caught red handed doing musvo

Caught red handed cheating.   VIDEO

Images -Tatenda Karigambe at peace with new vagina

Said to be Tatenda Karigambe Tatelicious new vagina after his penis was removed. She is now medically a sexually reconstructed...

Videos : Our father men seeking help

...but instead receive beatings from an evil crowd. VIDEOS

Video : I love myself musvorologist

It never ends   VIDEO

Video : Musvo balls under attack

Musvo balls under attack VIDEO

Bikita chief Mupakwa and girlfriend

72 year old Bikita chief Mupakwa and girlfriend.Using government issued vehicle for illicit purposes and prostitution. Thats the chief...