Videos : Our father men seeking help

...but instead receive beatings from an evil crowd. VIDEOS

Video : I love myself musvorologist

It never ends   VIDEO

Video : Musvo balls under attack

Musvo balls under attack VIDEO

Bikita chief Mupakwa and girlfriend

72 year old Bikita chief Mupakwa and girlfriend.Using government issued vehicle for illicit purposes and prostitution. Thats the chief...

Video : Musvorologist playing with same

Horrible and terrible VIDEO

Video : Doing musvo at work

It never ends   VIDEO

Images : I am Leslie Ketani from Bulawayo

Proudly Zimbabwean.Please write admin for my details.

Video : Doing musvo at beach

Drunk musvorologists at beach.   VIDEO  

Musvo: Send your prayer requests on video call

I am a Zimbabwe prophet Israel Matthew . Send your prayer requests on video call and I will pray for...

Video : Musvorologists Michelle Kawome and Thomas Rashamira

We are married and enjoy doing musvo. We can actually feature in musvo movies. Thomas Rashamira. Said to be the owner...