Video: Doing musvo with cooking stick

Cooking stick musvo VIDEO

Video : Musvorologist

Musvorologist   VIDEO  

Video : Couple doing musvo with dhafukorera

We are enjoying our lives. Haters keep quiet. VIDEO  

Video : Musvorologist man

Musvorologist   VIDEO  

Video: Doing musvo with cucumber

Sorry maningi VIDEO

Video : Elderly doing musvo

The elderly doing musvo and shooting video. It's so sad. Who will police children. Harahwa yepi isina nyadzi. Ndozvianhu zvinoromba izvi....

Musvorologist on market

I am available

Images : I am Charity Wakata from Zimbabwe

I love showing myself

Images : Musvorologist Sandra Moyo

I am Sandra Moyo. I love myself

Human Rights

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