Video : Zimbabwe man impregnates daughter

Married Zimbabwe man impregnates daughter.   VIDEO

Zimbabwe child minder abusing baby

Zimbabwe maid abusing boss child. VIDEO

Videos : Zimbabwe thieves in South Africa

Thieving in South Africa. VIDEOS

Video : Paedophile burnt

Paedophile burnt VIDEO

Video : Wanted men on the loose

These foreign men are on the loose in South Africa wanted by police. If you know these men please report...

Mother kills child over prostitution

Zimbabwean woman who poisoned 21 year old son after he challenged her over her prostitution. Ndokutopenga kwacho. " Pana amai vauraya mwana...

Video : Zimbabwe kidnapper under attack

Whatever happened.     VIDEO

Video : Zimbabwe armed robbers in South Africa

Said to be South Africa armed robbers . Heard they were about 25 or 24 , 1 Tswana etc and...

14 year old murdered by prostitute

: Tipeio nyaya ye14 yr boy old auraiwa guys so sad : Nyameni Hanz akacatcher bbe bvaatadza kubhadhara :...

Video : Len Cloete shot by police

: Video : Saluting the SA police for taking quick action in ending the gun man ordeal. " Very brave...

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