Video and shot :Zanupf Theif Petronella Kagonye jailed.

" Kekekeke seka hako wasu . Hazi ex labour minister. Labour yekuba . Supporting zanupf ndopanotangira ubenzi hwacho " Said...

Police Detain Father Of Pregnant Nine-year-old

Police have taken into custody the father of the nine-year-old girl from Tsholotsho who is eight months pregnant and currently...

Video : Child abuse

The Police have arrested the man who was seen flogging a toddler in a viral video. Richard Kofi believed to be...

Video : Zimbabwe man impregnates daughter

Married Zimbabwe man impregnates daughter.   VIDEO

Zimbabwe child minder abusing baby

Zimbabwe maid abusing boss child. VIDEO

Videos : Zimbabwe thieves in South Africa

Thieving in South Africa. VIDEOS

Video : Paedophile burnt

Paedophile burnt VIDEO

Video : Wanted men on the loose

These foreign men are on the loose in South Africa wanted by police. If you know these men please report...

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