Pastor Blessing Katsande snatches colleague’s wife

A cry for help as Mr Taurai Mugano or Enock Chiweshe bares it all all: His wife Lainah Mugano (pictured)...

3 Videos : Man battered for sexing married woman

The man got a beating for affair with married woman VIDEO 1 VIDEO 2 VIDEO 3

Video : Man caught sexing relative’s wife .

  " Shame maningi. Zvakaoma idi.Thank you for bashing the bastard. What an idiot.At least have a conscience. So sad idi....

Video : Man caught sexing someone’s wife

Man caught pants down sexing someone's wife VIDEO

Video : Fake pastor clobbered for sexing married woman

That Zimbabwe so called pastor caught having affair with someone's wife. The fools are those who are fooled by these...

Videos : Cheaters caught red handed

Woman facing it for cheating husband 2 VIDEOS   Man facing it for sexing married woman VIDEO

Zanupf MP Admire Mahachi caught sexing friend wife

The Zanupf MP Admire Mahachi facing it after being caught sexing MP friend Mike Madiro's wife , Hazvinei Vambe Mabika. "Kukumbira...

Cheating baba Shandurai and musvo girlfriend

Blabbermouth saying that musvorologist is friend to Baba Shandurai's wife who is cheating on his wife.

Video : Married amuhule caught red handed doing musvo

  " But amwe anhu acho akapusa who end up marrying mahule is it not arume . Just wondering . Munonyeperana...

Video : Cheating wife truck driver Diamond Shereni

Sisi Vee discussion with musvorologist Diamond Shereni gonyeti driver. Hazi ane mukadzi akaita video nemukadzi uyo akaroorwawo ndobva Diamond atenderedza...

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