Victor Fungai Chikuku sexing married woman

😨 Musvo images : Musvorologist Victor Fungai Chikuku having affair with married woman and sending her his musvos. Husband gets...

Video : Man caught proposing married woman

Old man given size for knowingly proposing married woman VIDEO

Video : Man cheating with mother in law

This weird world. Mukwambo doing musvo with mother and daughter. VIDEO

Married man refuses to pay prostitute

Amuhule demanding her dues. " Amwe arume ari kugadzira petrol bombs to fight the enemy and you are busy kuhura. Sorry...

Video : Small house caught by wife

Amuhule caught by wife and tete being driven to beach for her size. VIDEO

Video : Zimbabwe amuhule caught

That amuhule caught by wife and tete being driven to beach for her size. Still looking for names.   VIDEO

Video : Married Zimbabwe women caught cheating

Of cheating married Zimbabwe women. Long ago married Zimbabwe women were not loose. Now they cheat like the men.     VIDEO...

Gamuchirai Gambakwe and iron bar

🙄 Image  : Said to be Gamuchirai Gambakwe caught pants down with married woman in Pretoria , South Africa.  

Married women caught cheating

Married woman caught cheating.   VIDEO 1   VIDEO 2

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