Facing it doing musvo

Facing it doing musvo VIDEO    

Video : Amuhule magaro scientist

Magaro scientist

Video : Bragging about butocks in bar

It never ends VIDEO

Video : Dhafukorera musvorologist bathing

It never ends VIDEO

Aspiring psycholite and satinising musvo

Rimwewo benzi iro . Kutsvaga mbiri yetsvina. He realised that for him to be famous in a nation of fools...

Video : So sick buttocks

Sick in hospital VIDEO

Video : Smell house facing it

Smell house facing it while the cheating husband gets away with it. Really shallow minded kurovera munhu murume ...typical. Imagine...

Boss assaults Zimbabwean maid

The maid , a Christian , worked for the Moslem family VIDEO  

Video : Musvo cleaner 🙄🙄

Video : Musvo cleaner 🙄🙄   VIDEO

Video : Musvo sanitiser

Human beings are a big disappointment. VIDEO

Human Rights

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