Video : Smell house facing it

Smell house facing it while the cheating husband gets away with it. Really shallow minded kurovera munhu murume ...typical. Imagine...

Boss assaults Zimbabwean maid

The maid , a Christian , worked for the Moslem family VIDEO  

Video : Musvo cleaner 🙄🙄

Video : Musvo cleaner 🙄🙄   VIDEO

Video : Musvo sanitiser

Human beings are a big disappointment. VIDEO

Video : Naked musvo man running after dancing woman

This weird world . The behaviour of a rapist.   VIDEO  

Video : Doing musvo in UN car

Doing musvo in UN car  

Musvorologist Raviro Munodawafa Emmaculate Heart

Said to be Raviro Munodawafa VIDEO

Video : Musvo fracas

It never ends     VIDEO VIDEO

Video : Musvo dancer

Dancing in the nude VIDEO

Video : SA pornorologist at work

South Africa . Man caught on camera having a nap and was watching porno 🙄. VIDEO

Human Rights

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