Videos : Snake handling witchcraft

Snake handler and witchcraft   VIDEOS

Video : Snake fake prophet

For the love of money fake prophet VIDEO  

Flying witch man

Man said to have fallen enroute to Marondera from Rusape to bewitch mai Shamie in Marondera 🙌🏽🙌🏽. He was travelling...

Video : Whatever is going on with musvo woman

So sad .Zvinosiririsa. Could have been stealing or so called muroyi. VIDEO  

Video : Naked witchy man lands

He fell down after a misunderstanding with with other witches while flying VIDEO

Video : Wasu roasting family relish

Kubvura baboon for eating. Even kukara nyama kwacho . Anawasu anomboita zvimwe zvimabehaviour zviri very weird. Munotsverudza zvekuti baba namai...

Video : The witch

Looking like staged VIDEO

Video : Lucia Ruzvidzo and the snake

Snake video, audio and images Said to be Lucia Ruzvidzo with a snake in video. Said to de doing satanism VIDEO

Human Rights

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