Images : ” Madire enyu efame inorder to get awards for fake courage knowing very well that you are in good books with zanupf thugs so you will be released and find your way to court moita sewage mbiri . Kuzvisungisa kwemunhu hakutipi sadza nemabasa isu.Kunopa imimi maawards not isusu ??

No wonder our nation remains a sewage …too many fame mongers rising up.

Actually I am the stupid one .When I got arrested on 13 September 2017 I should not have paid that us$180 ‘bribe’ for my release .Ndakapata zvekuti .I should have told the police to take it up with the CIOs but they instead saw my beautiful heart and said maiguru we are not getting you into trouble .Dai ndakati kana arrest me hey and take me to court ndatoitawo mbirika ini and start eyeing awards from America ..Well rambai muchiita one day you will disappear for good kekekekekekeke seka hako wasu wetruth .

Thank you for releasing me Zimbabwe police and thank you Zimbabwe immigration SA border for accepting my us$20 to jump the border without stamping my passport. Tisu anhu acho estruggle not zvenyu zvekuda fame.” Said sisi Vee.

2 Videos : Mawarire in Church .

“Zvichi zvechurch ere izvi .You guys are now giving your backs to the congregation so that you shoot facebook live videos? …and we wonder why God is not answering our prayers. The New Generation Church for sure.Hapeno chimboitai ” Said sisi Vee.