Meanwhile the musvorologist is not wanted at the Zimbabwe carnival.


Zodwa Wabantu is looking forward to her trip to Zimbabwe.

Despite the controversy surrounding her upcoming performance at the Harare International Carnival, Zodwa Wabantu is going full steam ahead with her trip to the country.

This after it emerged on Wednesday that Zim actress, Anne Nhira had apparently succeeded in Zodwa being banned from performing at the carnival. Anne sent a letter of complaint to Zimbabwean officials complaining that Zodwa was being booked at the expense of local talent.

Anne later shared proof of communication between her and the Acting Minister of Tourism Patrick Zhuwao, in which he seemingly confirmed that Zodwa “may not participate” in the carnival.

Zodwa’s apparent banning from the event went viral and created widespread debate, but according to her no official confirmation of the cancellation has been given to her.

The dancer told TshisaLIVE that she had a conversation with the carnival organiser, who told her it was all systems go for her trip.

“The gentleman from the organisers I spoke to yesterday said I must not consider social media news as a cancellation, because until I get a cancellation letter from them I am still booked. I also told them to rather provide an outfit for me if they feel the need to, especially the panty they were worried about. Nothing will stop me from going to Zimbabwe, I love those people and they love me,” she said.

Zodwa said she was ready for her trip and remains steadfast about performing at the carnival.

“I am ready for my trip to Zimbabwe, as you’ve seen, I’ve even posted my gigs on social media. I’ll perform at the private club on the September 8 and at the carnival on September 9. I’ll be traveling by myself because I don’t need a glam squad or anything like that and I am looking forward to it,” she said.

Zodwa has hogged headlines for the past two weeks after Zim authorities said she could not perform at the carnival if she did not wear underwear. An apology was later issued to her and then the debacle snowballed earlier this week.

Source : Times Live