USA Texas : Pastor Wilson David of the Bible Way Ministries and World Out Reach has finally reacted to his viral sex tape and he is unbothered about it. The sex tape shows the pastor eating the honeypot of a woman, who is allegedly not his wife. The pastor received heavy backlash from the video but his family have refused to accept that he is the one in the video. In a new video posted circulating online, Pastor Wilson slammed those criticising him, tagging them as hypocrites. The clergymen also said: “I’m a pastor that likes p*ssy”… “I’m a real man, I’m real about who I am and remember that God made a woman for the man,” he added. Source : Online The said pastor is seen in the acceptance video cursing those who are despising his immoral behaviour using all F words . One wonders if he is a real pastor or just satan’s disciple. Well this pastor’s disgusting behaviour should not shock anyone as many churches today are just now venues where fake people meet. Also to note these days is that many of these churches are in it for the money and not for the word of God that’s why despite preaching the word of God and listening to it the behaviour of the church goers and the pastors leaves a lot to be desired. 2. Videos : Unverified . Said to be musvorologist pastor David Wilson cursing those despising the sex video said to be him with a church congregant cheating on his wife .Other video said to be the pastor’s wife.   MUSVO VIDEO 1 : Pastor David Wilson   VIDEO 2 : Pastor Wilson cursing VIDEO 3 : WIFE