Musvo video : Chiedza Tawuchira Mavangira.

“So sad idi zvinorwadza zvekuti. Am no longer sure if it is the mental health issue running in their family or drugs. Whatever it is this is so sad. She used to be a very focused woman with social change in mind and a great writer and public speaker too. She was very close to her mother too . Apa she has a son above 15 years. I can imagine how he feels seeing his mother’s mental health condition deteriorating like this. Akomana ere of all things please never allow hour sons to see your naked bodies ngazvipetere kuma3 years. Really heartbreaking whatever happened to her. I think diaspora inoda kuuya munhu kana a over 30 years or even 40 because many who go to the immoral western world younger get involved in all sorts of immoral behaviours .Does anyone have her whatsapp number. Kutoitira hangu mwana . I cant imagine the pain of having a mother who behaves like this in public. Whatever the reason is. Really heartbreaking. I am so lucky to have been raised by an extremely decent mother. I am just seeing how lucky I am after seeing the behaviours of the mothers of today. So sad idi. Vakadzi vakunyadzisa zvekuti. Vazhinji dzangova loose vessels and hazvidi munhu wemukadzi. Murume better. ” Said sisi Vee