Rockford Josphat Roki πŸ™„πŸ™„ Shame. Looks like akupenga .

” Zimbabweans vanokupembedza uchiita ubenzi and wrong giving you fake titles like celebrity yet you are a messybrity, felebrity yet you are a pengabrity, socialite yet you are a psycholite , influencer yet you are an influenza.

Zvinosiririsa Mazimbabweans are a sorry mess chaiyo. Our standards in all sectors are very low. If you demand high standards unoonekwa sebenzi votozondwa . Zvakaoma idi .” Said Sisi Vee.

✍🏼✍🏼 On Roki

[19/06, 4:00 am] Lovely Sisi : Sad what the country is doing to people sisi. This is abnormal and pathetic. God has given up on Zimbabwe sisi. Akungotarisa hake.

Roki sitting at home watching himself blabbering saizvozvi haatozvinyarire😏. Only that in Zim and Africa as a whole we don’t take mental health seriously like they do kuchando. Otherwise apa pakutoda kuti munhu aiiswe in an institution achipiwa mapiritsi kuseni,maskati Manheru.

[19/06, 4:00 am] Lovely Sisi : Even his look, the hair and glasses ameno zvazviri. He looks a mess!

[19/06, 8:20 am] Sisi Vee: Very well said sisi. Yes he’s such a mess now. It’s so sad they never listen kana vachitsiurwa about drugs nemabehaviour eurombe . One unfortunate thing I have noticed about Zimbabweans is kunyepera kuziya and people applauding , kupembedza ubenzi , low lifers and bad behaviour. That’s why muchiona kuti even on facebook marombe and low lifers vanofarirwa not kutsiurwa . It’s a nation of idiots sisi from top to bottom. Rebuilding Zimbabwe inotoda kumboisa 80 % in mental health institutions so that they get support in many different areas of personal , community and national development.