Looks like he was owing the woman money and the woman shared the musvo video having been sick and tired of demanding her money .

Zvakaoma idi. Muri kumboedza kuitei chaizvo. Manje kana musvo yenyu ikasvika kune anhu ari kugadzirisa nyika munokuvara . Kutuka hakuchinji anything. Please be advised that personally I have no problem with those who decide to do bonyora in the comfort of their privacy. It’s their decision to pleasure themselves singlehandedly.

My problem is when these videos become public fodder. Please be reminded that children including your children will most likely end up seeing your musvo videos. Stop this sexual immorality of sending your private images and videos to members of the public. Every human being is a member of the public including your wives and husbands. One day cross they will come out. The problem is the person who takes images and videos of their private parts or allow someone to do so. Think about children, your relatives etc BEFORE you take those images and videos and not AFTER. Why are we exposing children to this sexually immoral behaviour as if books are finished. It’s child sexual abuse. Did you grow up seeing images and videos of your parents’ vaginas and penises, doing bonyora and musvo. You are feeding children’s brains with things. The world is infested with societal ills that need fixing and you are busy taking images and videos of your penises and vaginas and sending to people. Kushaya zvekuita ere. At least feel for children. Manje kwezvinopedzisira zvasvika kwacho munopuhwa size. Munoti baba ngemuridzo. Tiri kugadzirisa nyika. No child should grow up seeing your musvos. You are exposing our children and grandchildren to nonsense and this should stop. If you don’t stop tozvimisa.