Musvorologist Kudzai Munyoro aka Kuku Zvide aka Kikie Kelzy married

Makorokoto, Amhlope , Congratulations Kudzai. Just received the good news musvorologist Kudzai Munyoro got married.

In 2018 : At work as a prostitute

” Her name is Kudzai Munyoro . She is a prostitute in South Africa and she’s 27 years old but she lies that she’s 21 . She dates on whatsapp and everywhere she has sex without condom with people’s husbands she’s so bad”

In 2020 : At marriage as a wife

[12/09, 8:09 pm] News : You once posted that Kudzai Munyoro we Musvo yake ..aroorwa nhasi😂😂😂

[12/09, 8:56 pm] Sisi : Kekekekekeke hey hanzvadzi ndatomukanganwa ini
Thank you so much for the heads up. Let me check archives 😂😂😂

[12/09, 8:56 pm] News : 😂😂😂😂😂muchatoseka pamuchaona

[12/09, 8:57 pm] Sisi : 😂😂😂 aroorwa kuzimbabwe ere

[12/09, 8:58 pm] News : i dont know about the details asi anogara in SA

[12/09, 8:59 pm] News : excactly😂😂😂😂😂

[12/09, 9:07 pm] Sisi : Maiwee I have seen her musvos. I dont think the husband knows 😂😂😂😂

[12/09, 9:08 pm] News: Even if he knows for now achiri kumbonakidzwa asi pavachatanga kurwa he is always going bring it up 😂😂😂😂😂

[12/09, 9:09 pm] Sisi: Exactly you are 100% right

[12/09, 9:10 pm] Sisi : Maita basa idi . Ini I forget these musvorologists

[12/09, 9:10 pm] News : 😂😂😂😂😂😂yaaah dzokororo ine simba asati aenda kure😂😂😂😂

[12/09, 9:10 pm] Sisi : Ehe 😂😂😂😂

[12/09, 9:10 pm] News : 😂😂😂hamungambotadzi u process infor yakawandisa everyday

[12/09, 9:11 pm] Sisi : Stereki

[13/09, 4:06 pm] Sisi : Images : Kenneth Kundai Tafundikira. Musvorologist Kudzai Munyoro’s husband .

I pray he is aware of her history and doesn’t mind because with what people are digging I dont think vamwene will be pleased. I pray she has changed. Isnt no one is perfect and as human beings we all make mistakes. At times I look at the mistakes I make and I laugh hard saying what was I thinking 😂😂😂. Muchinyanya posting about your private lives on social media. 3 things you should keep private : Your private parts , your love life , your stupidity.

The only problem is some people never change for the better and best.I dont think Kudzai has changed . In August 2020 she was posting nonsense, hule material stuff on facebook and in September 2020 she got married. Maybe she will change once in the marriage after panel beating. Bad behaviours take time to shed.

Well I once heard of one Zimbabwean woman who used to be a hardcore prostitute and changed to be the best wife after she got married. One thing I know for certain is whilst our history is said to be our past it can destroy our future. Unfortunately we can’t delete our history. We can just hide it and pray it doesn’t come out but manje problem is rina manyanga hariputirwi or we can just be the best we can moving forward .Atori pamaMa1 chaiwo Kudzai 🙆🏽‍♀️🤦🏻‍♂️. Vese murume angomuroora zvinobuda sezvaPokello 🙃 Awaiting her response.


Discussion with musvorologist Kudzai Munyoro

[13/09, 2:47 pm] Sisi : A very good afternoon to you Kudzai . I hope I find you well and safe I’m sisi Vee I write stories .Warm Congratulations .I heard you got married yesterday. In 2018 someone sent a story about you as below and accompanied with images and videos attached. I’m just wondering if your husband is aware of this history just in case he will come across it especially the images and videos.

“[21/12/2018, 4:28 am] Knows Musvorologist Kudzai: Her name is Kudza Munyoro let me look for her phone number. Her full name
Kudzai Munyoro. She is a prostitute she come in SA to do that job and shes 27 years old but she lie to people that shes 21 she date on WatsaApp and averywhere she do sex without condom wt peoples husband she so bad. She
sleeps wit my sisters husband now they dervoce bcz of her. Her name is Kudzai
Munyoro. Another name she using
on facebook now called Kuku Zvide.

[13/09, 4:08 pm] Sisi : Did you tell him Kudzie because one way or the other it will still come out. So you need to tell him too if you haven’t . I think
it’s better for him to hear from you than for him to come across the images and videos. Did you tell him.

[13/09, 4:38 pm] Musvorologist Kudzai Manyoro: Yes I did sis thanks for the advice really appreciate it

[13/09, 4:39 pm] Sisi : Ok at least you did the right thing. Best wishes

[13/09, 4:39 pm] Musvorologist Kudzai Manyoro: Thank u so much

[13/09, 4:39 pm] Sisi : You are welcome

[13/09, 4:41 pm] Sisi: Don’t bother about it Kudzie it’s now history. The most important thing is you told him and he accepted it. Move on and enjoy your marriage

[13/09, 4:44 pm] Musvorologist Kudzai Manyoro: Thanks