” So sad idi. I wonder if these women are in good books with their parents or brothers. These are obvious effects of bad leadership across the world.The same lessons that corona virus covid19 has taught us about the kind of leadership we have in the world. We have lunatics masquerading as leaders across the world building mansions , buying luxury cars , leading luxurious lives etc and not building hospitals for citizens. These same lunatics masquerading as leaders are the same destroyers of humanity who are allowing immorality to prevail in society and destroying our children , our future leaders’ moral development. We need to stop this nonsense that breeds immorality damaging our children.Their children are well protected in their mansions and we never see them behaving like this . It is our children they are destroying while they are protecting their children and grand children in their mansions . We need to wake up and smell the coffee . Our children are the main victims who are facing and suffering the consequences of their bad irresponsible leadership that is breeding children who are growing up to become scum. We need children who use brains to think and not vagina and penises to think. Vaginas and penises don’t think that’s why the world is in turmoil and in a mess. The so called leaders are breeding and nurturing nonsense and imposing on us laws that deter us from naming and shaming the nonsense. This is not acceptable and should never be acceptable no matter under which law VIDEO VIDEO