Videos : Musvorologists and breasts

It never ends VIDEOS

Video : Funeral musvorologist

At the funeral   VIDEO  

Images : Musvorologist Clara

Musvorologist Clara and others.

Image : Musvorologist working from home

Working from home

Images -Tatenda Karigambe at peace with new vagina

Said to be Tatenda Karigambe Tatelicious new vagina after his penis was removed. She is now medically a sexually reconstructed...

Videos : Our father men seeking help

...but instead receive beatings from an evil crowd. VIDEOS

Video : Fashion musvorologist

Musvorologist VIDEO

Sex pervert Gerald Mtumanje facebook post

The Gerald Lumumbs aka Acie Lumumba is actually a so called leader in Zimbabwe. He has fools calling him leaders...

Video : Amuhule demanding dues

Amuhule demanding dues VIDEO

Human Rights

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