As the sexual immorality that has gripped students at Midlands University continues, another musvo video has found its way to the public . This is  Daphne Nyasha Mazara the past Kriste Mambo student then Midlands state university .The younger looking image is when she was at Kriste Mambo probably before she became a musvo star.

Gweru residents have complained about the lose of sexual moral values by some students at Midlands State University (MSU) whereby students have resorted to producing pornographic videos that they circulate among students and on platforms such as whatsapp.

The Human Resources Student , Daphine is seen doing musvo with her boyfriend of which the boyfriend has been accused of leaking the video after claiming that Daphne cheated on him with a sugar daddy  who is  a well known Gweru businessman .

The student is said to ahve been suspended from the university.
In 2011 and 2012  some students at the same university produced some musvo tapes and circulated the online.