I write to you regarding the article you published on your website on 16 February 2016 titled Whatsapp :UK based womaniser Wellington Kagonye (49) cheating on his partner

This article was published without any contact being made to myself to verify its accuracy. I wish to point out to you that the article is totally false and fabricated and the woman you mention as my “small house” is actually my wife who you have put under extreme distress. The person who submitted this story to you is the daughter of someone I casually dated in 2014 who since the end of the short relationship has been pestering me ever since. She lives in Birmingham. This woman has only ever visited my place in Sheffield once and has never lived with me as a partner. I have no intention of ruining her reputation by publishing her personal life either save to say I am pleased she is out of mine.

In the comments section, your commentator says I should pay £1000 which I owe. I do not owe any money to anyone and I am not sure weather this is blackmail or something else.

I therefore kindly ask you to remove this material which is not only defamatory and slanderous but is also not doing your reputation any favours especially amongst the more informed readers.

You may note that this email is also copied to my solicitors
Kind regards
Welllington Kagonye .

Dear Wellington.A very good afternoon to you and thank you for contacting us.You were asked what was going on and by yesterday you had not responded.Now that you have got in touch please feel free to contact anyone you think might help you not to have the victims’word out there and silence their voices.It is also being claimed that the money you used for your trip to Zimbabwe to marry the supposedly small house was from the woman” student finance which you are said to have not paid back.Could this be something you know about ? The woman also submitted an opinion about her life with you , a right she has to express her views , which we will share too. If you feel she has no right to express her opinions you may go ahead and take measures to silence her voice too if you want to. Please feel free to get in touch after you read her opinion if you want to. Thank you so much once again for getting in touch. Do have a great evening. MZ
Thank you for your response. First and foremost I wish to unequivocally inform you that I was never contacted by your paper and the first time I saw your article was when my Nephew …………. sent me a link a day after the article had been published.With regards to action against the lady, that has already been taken against her and Birmingham Metropolitan Police are going to be visiting her at her residence in Birmingham although I have implored the police to spare her a criminal record.

As regards the source of my income, I quick check on my linkedIn profile or googling my name might have given you an idea…………………(information omitted by musvozimbabwe)………………………………….. I chose not to reveal my finances to the said lady for obvious reasons. This information is for the purpose of clarifying to you the editors but not for publication as I am a very private man.

I explicitly forbid publication.I would be embarrassed to pay £1000 as lobola. In actually fact I paid £4500.

I still expect your article to be taken down as it is damaging my reputation. This is a second request.

Please note this email will be forwarded to my solicitors for record keeping.
Musvo Zimbabwe

A very good evening to you Wellington. You are most welcome .Hoping you had a great day .Thank you once again for getting in touch and for sharing .This is greatly appreciated.When HRDV asked you what your concerns were pertaining to the sentences on fb you wanted to be removed that is when she was trying to hear your side of the story. You probably could have thought that it was just one of those things and ignored the question.

Now that you did not inform the lady about your sources of income, to her you are said to have been living off her and her daughter who is said to have been giving you money too when you were in need. The money is said to include the £1000 you are said to have supposedly borrowed and has not yet paid back.

As for removing the article, to us it would mean silencing their voices .As you can see they are just sharing their views and expressing themselves a right they have as far as we are concerned. You were in their lives, things happened and they are talking about those things so what crime are they committing? If the laws in UK deny people their right to talk about their lives and history then we are not going to be part of such oppressive laws that deny people their right to speak about their lives and those who hurt their feelings. As far as we are concerned the women have the right to tell their stories and no one should deny them that right. They can actually write a book about their lives and include a chapter about their life with you because you were part of their lives so why gag them?

We can only remove their voices from the website unwillingly if those you are contacting think they can use their resources to silence the women and oppress their voices; otherwise we are not going to be part of voice oppressors. The article will only be removed willingly by us if the women ask us to do so.

That said, you are free to send this email to your lawyers as well and even to the police .We are willing to know what criminal offence has been committed by giving the oppressed and abused a platform to share their feelings. That way we will know the new meaning of freedom of expression in a civilised society. Otherwise this is voice terrorism that yourself, your lawyers and all those who agree with you are embarking on.
Just out of concern so what crime did the woman commit according to the police or is it just a case of some stupid forces abusing their professional power to torment citizens? We are also keeping records here
Kind regards
Can you please evidence of where and when I was contacted by either you or Viomak. If this is the case, then timestamped syslogs can be retrieved by the authorities. People should not confuse freedom of speach with the freedom to lie about other people otherwise that freedom would allow us to freely call each other murderers and rapists.
Seeing that you are adamant to remove the said article I refer you to the legislation attached.
Hello once again Wellington
Thank you so much .Will get the message over to you. We read legislations almost on a daily basis and know very well too that there is a difference between freedom of expression and freedom to lie .Actually HRDV is a freedom of expression and opinion advocate.Kekekekekekekekeke and politicians lie everyday that they will do this and that for citizens why are they not all being sued or in jail ? They put sewage laws in place for us so that we terrorise each other and argue over their stupid laws that silence our voices yet they blabbermouth as they wish .If there are any people who you claim to be lying about you it is the people who know you and have shared their experiences with you .Reclaim your thoughts and contact the woman who is claiming to have been abused by you and apologise .Why do you behave as if you were never in love with her and you start bragging about UK laws and lawyers ,forgetting that your own fellow Zimbabwean is more important than UK laws.Humble yourself , be a human being and go and apologise to the woman you hurt .One day you will meet her when you are in need of more help and the UK law will not help you .

You need Zimbabweans more than the UK law.Be man enough and do the right thing brother.
In that case I will leave you be. I am sure it is obvious to you why I would not want someone of that nature in my life.
We await the next phase
Adios amigo
Hello Wellington
Thank you so much brother for reclaiming your thoughts .It is not obvious to us at all.We don’t know the woman at all .So you think she should keep quiet while you use and abuse her and silence her …and when she speaks out you call her a psycho .So you were having sex with a psycho which means you are an idiot that sexes psychos.

We await the next phase certainly .You think tinotya tumalawyer twako ?Bring them and HRDV will beat them 10 zero without a lawyer .

Thank you so much once again for getting in touch.